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91.9 Prime Radio uganda


5 thoughts on “91.9 Prime Radio uganda”

  1. lukyamuzi says:

    Praise God. We kindly request you to provide us with pr.kajobas sermons he preached on the prime gospel rally last year .thanx joseph thailand

  2. Ndawula says:

    Whats happening today.its not working at all

  3. Mayanja Umar says:

    Great job for uniting usto our motherland waves. We now feel at home. God bless. Umar, Johannesburg

  4. Praise God,I request to direct me the source
    Where I can get enyimba za kristo
    ,please any body who known help me, it's not found on
    Google, thax to every body who will direct me.
    Happy Sabbath


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