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Boracay Beach Radio 97.3 FM Philippines, Kalibo
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If you're a loyalist, you already know that we have a seemingly endless database. We've never stopped adding to it...and now we have so much more! We're giving you access to the music, right on Keep us playing and take a trip to your best Boracay days, any time of the day, wherever you may be.

  • Frequency: 97.3 FM
  • Slogan: Let us take you there, now.
Now playing
036 Day - O
You Must Have Come From Heaven
Papik - You Must Have Come From Heaven
This Is Your Life
Neja - This Is Your Life
Sweet Vacation
Lionel Richie - Sweet Vacation
I'm Not in Love
Papik & Ely Bruna - I'm Not in Love
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