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The passion to uphold the love of God to the nations through music was instrumental in the launch of BAFA - Bring a Friend Along to the Cross in the year 2012. Team BAFA aims to proclaim Gods love through music, which stands fulfilled through its live online radio station BAFA Radio . We are now tuned in by more than 120 nations far and wide and is one of the Worlds’s best Christian radio stations. With its tranquil access to listen to Christian music, the melody room is filled with great collection of your contemporary and traditional favorites. Download our free Mobile Apps and Enjoy your Music - We are BAFA RADIO ,My Life ..My Music , Streaming New and Traditional Hits 24x7

  • Slogan: My Life My Music
Now playing
Itha lokhapapam vahikkunna
Jerry Amala dev | Kester - Itha lokhapapam vahikkunna
En Yesu En Sangeetham
V.Nagal - En Yesu En Sangeetham
Libny Kattapuram | Kester - Sundararakshakan
Enne Karuthum Enne Pularthum
K.S Chithra| Issac William - Enne Karuthum Enne Pularthum
Yesuve Ninroopam
Kester - Yesuve Ninroopam
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