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EDM Radio was launched on April 4, 2011. This radio station is played by residents from the CIS countries. On the radio, you can chat with the residents of the radio in a chat. Radio EDM is a growing radio station broadcasting around the clock since April 4, 2011. You can hear not only Russian artists, but also bands from the CIS countries. Among the residents of EDM Radio are groups from Russia, Ukraine and not only. The radio station broadcasts around the clock. The name of the radio station stands for electronic dance music, that is, electronic dance music. It is in this genre that the performers of compositions presented on the waves of the radio work. EDM is a special genre of electronic music. It combines many popular music genres. Most often, such music can be heard at discos and in clubs. Trance, House - all these genres of music popular among young people are united in accordance with the direction of electronic dance music. Radio EDM conducts polls of listeners, voting. Among other Russian radio stations devoted to serious electronic music, the peculiarity of this radio station is that public airs can be presented on the air. In the trance of this music, you heard the latest songs in the genre of trance music, as well as time-tested hits!

  • Slogan: The Best of Trance & Progressive
Now playing
Sentiment (Original Mix)
Semper T. - Sentiment (Original Mix)
Horizon (Extended Mix)
Van der Karsten - Horizon (Extended Mix)
Nebo (Extended Mix)
Dmitry Bardalimov - Nebo (Extended Mix)
Infinite Moment (Original Mix)
Onstream89 - Infinite Moment (Original Mix)
Phi (Extended Mix)
MYR - Phi (Extended Mix)
TOP tracks
Breathe Life (Extended)
Lewis Duggleby & Marcella Woods - Breathe Life (Extended)
Ancient Solitude (2022 Mix)
Der Mystik - Ancient Solitude (2022 Mix)
Denial (Liam Melly Extended Remix)
Airbase feat. Floria Ambra - Denial (Liam Melly Extended Remix)
My Life (Iberian Remix)
Margo Fly - My Life (Iberian Remix)
True Love (George Crossfield Emotional Mix)
Nick Parker - True Love (George Crossfield Emotional Mix)
Wouldn't Be Mine (ReOrder Extended Remix)
Eximinds with Norni & Michele C - Wouldn't Be Mine (ReOrder Extended Remix)
Become Aware (Grande Piano Remix)
Iberian - Become Aware (Grande Piano Remix)
Nal Chajawa (Original Mix)
Ocoro - Nal Chajawa (Original Mix)
Fluorite (Extended Mix)
Central Divide - Fluorite (Extended Mix)
Vivarium (Extended)
Osman Mousa - Vivarium (Extended)
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