Playlist Castle Blakk Radio

Unbowed - Unbowed-Stormblood
Equimanthorn (Bathory cover)
Heresiarch - Equimanthorn (Bathory cover)
A Brilliant Lie - Unwoven
Tropical Sun
Fulci - Tropical Sun
A Corpse with a Smile
After Dusk - A Corpse with a Smile
Eternal Flames
Tower Of Babel - Eternal Flames
All Over Nowhere
Void Cruiser - All Over Nowhere
Saints of Death-God Can't Help You Now
Saints Of Death - Saints of Death-God Can't Help You Now
Therion-Great Marquis of Hell
Therion - Therion-Great Marquis of Hell
The Last Frontier
Hell Freezes Over - The Last Frontier
Under My Scars
Crossbones - Under My Scars
Where the Stars Grow
Ravenlight - Where the Stars Grow
Beyond Good and Evil
Lucifer's Dungeon - Beyond Good and Evil
Shining Through
Afire - Shining Through
The Maid And The Mountain
Aegonia - The Maid And The Mountain
Yhdeksas Portti
Horna - Yhdeksas Portti
D'Arch - Kiyamet
Goddess of Rain
Stonecast - Goddess of Rain
A Familiar Problem
Pigeon Lake - A Familiar Problem
The Beast Within Me
Mooncry - The Beast Within Me
Netherblade - Braindamage
With Last Song
Sea Of Desperation - With Last Song
Immortal Synn_drew CBR ID
Castle Blakk Radio - Immortal Synn_drew CBR ID
Born to Ride
Roxor - Born to Ride
West Across the Missi
Nechochwen - West Across the Missi
To Nowhere
The Strigas - To Nowhere
Who Knows
Laid Back Townies - Who Knows
I'll Be The Night
Obscure Devotion - I'll Be The Night
Land Of Our Fathers
Axe - Land Of Our Fathers
If Forever Ends Today
Power Theory - If Forever Ends Today
Withering Field
Woods of Desolation - Withering Field
Silent Goddess
Kamelot - Silent Goddess
NORÐ - Restless
Foreigner-Rev On the Red Line
Foreigner - Foreigner-Rev On the Red Line
The Dream
Iron Kingdom - The Dream
Heaven's Blind
Extrema - Heaven's Blind
On Sacred Ground
Hybreed - On Sacred Ground
Conjuring Fate-Our Darkest Days
Conjuring Fate - Conjuring Fate-Our Darkest Days
Tristwood - Vulcanus
Vegferd I
Dynfari - Vegferd I
Still Wolf To Man
Social Crash - Still Wolf To Man
Loaded Gun In The Closet
Drive By Truckers - Loaded Gun In The Closet
Cosmic Top Secret
Oceans Rise - Cosmic Top Secret
Red Suns In The Sky
Johnny O'Neil - Red Suns In The Sky
Sleep Paralysis
Amadeus Awad - Sleep Paralysis
Mean Man Killer (Live)
Hootenanny Freaks - Mean Man Killer (Live)
Child Of Damnation
Whyzdom - Child Of Damnation
Show Me
Lightyears - Show Me
A Memory Of Dawn
Awenden - A Memory Of Dawn
The Dark Side of Old Europa
Doomraiser - The Dark Side of Old Europa
Moonspell-The Greater Good
Moonspell - Moonspell-The Greater Good
Eye Of The Storm
Stormburner - Eye Of The Storm
Rylos - FunBusters
Black Messiah - Moskau
Satan Is Back
The Hirvi - Satan Is Back
Castle Blakk Radio - HyperionID
Deepshade-Sad Sun
Deepshade - Deepshade-Sad Sun
Silent Knight - Masterplan
Secret Door
Evanescence - Secret Door
Mesmeria - Vicissitude
Rough Grind-Dead End Street
Rough Grind - Rough Grind-Dead End Street
Give Your Life To The Ruin
Crime (Chile) - Give Your Life To The Ruin
The Myths
VokodloK - The Myths
Black World
Ichabod Krane - Black World
Fragments Of Time
Sickening Horror - Fragments Of Time
Right To Refrain Silence
Crawling Manifest - Right To Refrain Silence
The Last Song
5 Stories - The Last Song
The Sign Of The Black Ivy
Winterburst - The Sign Of The Black Ivy
Maligner - Immortalized
Oxidize-Heading for Tomorrow
Oxidize - Oxidize-Heading for Tomorrow
Not For Long
Magic Trik - Not For Long
The Gathering - Proof
Axewitch-Going Down
Axewitch - Axewitch-Going Down
Worstenemy - I
See The Light
Jeff Healey Band - See The Light
Altair - Seven
Grá - Gjallarhorn
Love Hurts
Heart - Love Hurts
Ophidian Sunrise
Omnium Gatherum - Ophidian Sunrise
Satanic Surfers-The Usurper
Satanic Surfers - Satanic Surfers-The Usurper
Katechon - Renselsen
Van Halen-You're No Good
Van Halen - Van Halen-You're No Good
Day Drinking
Eve To Adam - Day Drinking
The Seventh Sermon To The Dead
Zorormr - The Seventh Sermon To The Dead
Ashes of Despair
Well Of Souls - Ashes of Despair
The Withering
Amidst The Withering - The Withering
Mortal Ale
Theories Of The Apocalypse - Mortal Ale
Haze of Summer - August
My Life/Your World
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - My Life/Your World
JOHAN Mindshift - CBR
SundaySong - Ghosts
Draconian-The Cry of Silence
Draconian - Draconian-The Cry of Silence
The Edge of Time
Seasons of the Wolf - The Edge of Time
Demon Nights
Firewind - Demon Nights
Jupiter Hollow - Ascending
Desolation Summoning
Death Worship - Desolation Summoning
Bad Religion-Whisper in Time
Bad Religion - Bad Religion-Whisper in Time
Grey Area
Black Optic - Grey Area
A Gathering
Gullwing - A Gathering
Enchantya-Last Moon of March
Enchantya - Enchantya-Last Moon of March
The Tower
Eternal Flight - The Tower
When the Sun Sets for the Last Time
Autumn's Dawn - When the Sun Sets for the Last Time
Reap What You Sow
Orcus - Reap What You Sow
Black Funeral Pyre
Truppensturm - Black Funeral Pyre
Lutharo-Blood Lightning
Lutharo - Lutharo-Blood Lightning
Straight Jacket
SKINDRED - Straight Jacket
Dark Skies For Black Socery
Northwind Wolves - Dark Skies For Black Socery
Himinbjorg-The Circle of Warriors
Himinbjorg - Himinbjorg-The Circle of Warriors
The End
Cryptic Wintermoon - The End
Helsinki Horizon - Fragments
Sunday Sacrifice Promo2
DJ Cletus - Sunday Sacrifice Promo2
Mater Gaia
Eighty One Hundred - Mater Gaia
Throne Of Snakes
Vinterblot - Throne Of Snakes
Dirty Rats CBR Promo
Castle Blakk Radio - Dirty Rats CBR Promo
The First Vague Rumblings of Impending Revolution
Monobrow - The First Vague Rumblings of Impending Revolution
Gil & The Electric Vampires - Bullletproof
Mountains Of Madness
Tyrmfar - Mountains Of Madness
Total Dominance
Aeternus Prophet - Total Dominance
Metalsteel - Metalsteel-Anu
As Darkness Dies - Demons
Follow the Signs
Lord Divine - Follow the Signs
Beware the Mimic
Dethlehem - Beware the Mimic
Sunless Sky - Planet
Ave Satani
Nocturnes Mist - Ave Satani
Generation Nothing
Metal Church - Generation Nothing
On Wings Of Steel
Juvaliant - On Wings Of Steel
Apotheus-The Brightest Sun
Apotheus - Apotheus-The Brightest Sun
Ancestral Bonds
Wazzara - Ancestral Bonds
Rest In Power
Lionheart - Rest In Power
Pitiful Reign - D.I.V.E.
Coffinspire (Multitudes, Multitudes In The Valley Of Decision!)
Norma Jean - Coffinspire (Multitudes, Multitudes In The Valley Of Decision!)
The Tombs
Agnostic Front - The Tombs
We Were Gentlemen - Evolve
Culinary Hyperversity
Necrophagist - Culinary Hyperversity
Bury Your Dead-House of Straw
Bury Your Dead - Bury Your Dead-House of Straw
Message From Baghdad
Acrassicauda - Message From Baghdad
War Is Upon You
Eater Of Worlds - War Is Upon You
After the Burial-Exit, Exist
After The Burial - After the Burial-Exit, Exist
Set It Off
Skindred - Set It Off
Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow
The Acacia Strain - Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow
Pro - Pain
The Nature Of Depravity
Carnifex - The Nature Of Depravity
1.21 Jigowatts
Vampire Moose - 1.21 Jigowatts
Human Waste
I Declare War - Human Waste
Ringworm-Do Not Resuscitate
Ringworm - Ringworm-Do Not Resuscitate
The Relic
Rings Of Saturn - The Relic
Low Tolerance
Municipal Waste - Low Tolerance
Junkyard God
Pig Destroyer - Junkyard God
First Blood
First Blood - First Blood
Next Time I See You, You're Dead
First Blood - Next Time I See You, You're Dead
INZEST - Skinstripped
Twelve Steps To Nothing
Vision Of Disorder - Twelve Steps To Nothing
Agent Thrash
Dust Bolt - Agent Thrash
Orbit Culture - Carvings
She Speaks To Me
Blood Has Been Shed - She Speaks To Me
Nuke The Cross
Toxic Holocaust - Nuke The Cross
Cattle Decapitation - Humanure
Orcus CBR ID
Orcus CBR ID - Orcus CBR ID
The Sun Also Rises
Tiamat - The Sun Also Rises
Stories Untold
Mormânt De Snagov - Stories Untold
Ravage-Turn the Screw
Ravage - Ravage-Turn the Screw
Kill the King (Rainbow cover)
MURO - Kill the King (Rainbow cover)
Blackhearth-Earls of Darkness
Blackhearth - Blackhearth-Earls of Darkness
Sweet Maiden
Unclouded Perception - Sweet Maiden
Carpathia-Raising Arrows
Carpathia - Carpathia-Raising Arrows
Among the Wolves, Pt.2
Porn - Among the Wolves, Pt.2
Blood Is Dirt
Xanadoo - Blood Is Dirt
Cremisi-Dawn of a New Era
Cremisi - Cremisi-Dawn of a New Era