Radio Mithila

Radio Mithila 100.8 FM Nepal, Janakpurdham
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Radio Mithila 100.8 MHz offers effective frequency impacts and economical advertising solution for advertisers at low cost-per-thousand basis compared to other media. Radio Mithila 100.8 MHz can stand as an excellent complementary medium to television and print in the region as it is cheaper than other medium. It can extend the reach of a campaign, focus the delivery and enhances or reinforce a message. The peculiarity of our all programs is that we speak to the audiences in very personal manner. Radio Mithila has provided ample opportunities to the audiences to build a relationship with their local radio personalities.

  • Frequency: 100.8 FM
Address : Bhanu chowk, Janakpurdham, Dhanusa P.O Box: 16 + 977 41 525108