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No commercial. The best Romantic songs in English and every 30 minutes also Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.
The great moments of international romantic music. Close your eyes and let the soundtrack of LOVE RADIO remind you of the great moments of love in your life. 

  • Slogan: Only Love Songs 70s80s90s
Now playing
True Colors (Rehearsal) (1998)
Phil Collins - True Colors (Rehearsal) (1998)
Because of You (2005)
Kelly Clarkson - Because of You (2005)
No One's Gonna Love You (1984)
The S.O.S Band - No One's Gonna Love You (1984)
Don't Dream It's Over (1991)
Paul Young - Don't Dream It's Over (1991)
Diamonds & pearls (1992)
Prince - Diamonds & pearls (1992)