Playlist Radio Humber

Barbra Lica
Girls Like Me - Barbra Lica
Dan McCarthy
Bleyto - Dan McCarthy
Eric St.Laurent
Mustard Arizona - Eric St.Laurent
Julianna Jones
Can't Help It - Julianna Jones
Busty and the Bass
Baggy Eyed Dopeman (feat. George Clinton) - Busty and the Bass
AJ Ing
Over It - AJ Ing
Money Ain't Free - Storry
Rafael Zaldivar
Two Words - Rafael Zaldivar
Humber's Blue Jackets Required
Dr. Feelgood - Humber's Blue Jackets Required
Gabriel Giammaria
Better Days - Gabriel Giammaria
The Humber Groove Merchants Directed By Collin Barrett
Soul Finger/ The Everlasting Now - The Humber Groove Merchants Directed By Collin Barrett
The Nimmons Tribute
Harbours - The Nimmons Tribute
The Humber Groove Merchants directed by Mark Kelso
Pow - The Humber Groove Merchants directed by Mark Kelso
Sophianne Girard
Bright & Cold - Sophianne Girard
Chris Andrew
Home - Chris Andrew
Scott Hunter
Chile - Scott Hunter
Nikki Yanofsky
Comes Love - Nikki Yanofsky
Melody McCullough
Dogs - Melody McCullough
The Trish Colter Vocal Jazz Ensemble
Loves Me Like A Rock - The Trish Colter Vocal Jazz Ensemble
Thompson Egbo
Nardis - Thompson Egbo
The Humber Studio Jazz Ensemble
Autumn Leaves - The Humber Studio Jazz Ensemble
Norine Braun
99% - Norine Braun
Don’t Wait - AV
The Humber World Jazz Ensemble directed by Waleed Abdulhamid
Undecided - The Humber World Jazz Ensemble directed by Waleed Abdulhamid
The Humber Latin Jazz Ensemble
Walking Up Blind - The Humber Latin Jazz Ensemble
The Humber Contempory Jazz Workshop
Standing On A Stone - The Humber Contempory Jazz Workshop
Jared Higgins
Travelers - Jared Higgins
Celeigh Cardinal
Wrong Love - Celeigh Cardinal
Heather Ferguson
Stardust - Heather Ferguson
The Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra
Homenaje - The Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra
Zaynab Wilson
Interconnected - Zaynab Wilson
Korea Town Acid
Heart Breaker (Hood Joplin Dream Girl Remix) - Korea Town Acid
Box Office Poison - UWUW
Kevin Hurley
The Lion Who Saw His Face in the Water - Kevin Hurley
Patrick Panus
Like Nick - Patrick Panus
Herskowitz Rozenblatt Project
Dima's Blues - Herskowitz Rozenblatt Project
Noam Lemish
Steals on Steeles - Noam Lemish
Crystal Shawanda
How Bad Do You Want It - Crystal Shawanda
Bywater Call
Remain - Bywater Call
Humber Studio Jazz Ensemble
Shark Bait - Humber Studio Jazz Ensemble
Surefire Sweat
Number Nine - Surefire Sweat
Sea of Vapours - Versa
Tune Town
Kindling - Tune Town
Colleen Brown
The Practice - Colleen Brown
James Bayford
Alex - James Bayford
PremRock & Fresh Kils
Feast - PremRock & Fresh Kils
Wheel Back, Come Again - Die
PremRock & Fresh  Kils
No Pleas Copped - PremRock & Fresh Kils
Seth Dyer
Fire Alarm - Seth Dyer
Dasani feat. Truent - McKell
Alpha Omega
Ghost Town - Alpha Omega
Tanya Tagaq
Center - Tanya Tagaq
Soul Food - EdwOrdS
Hold Me Down ft. Fiji & Nue - CMDWN
Uncle Rico - SNRK
The Quarter Inch Kings
North Star - The Quarter Inch Kings
Sweatshop Union
Broken Record - Sweatshop Union
Cadence Weapon
Eye To Eye - Cadence Weapon
Lex Leosis
That Feel - Lex Leosis
G.O.A.T. feat Stacey Kay - D.O.
NorthsideBenji & DJ Charlie B
30,000 feet - NorthsideBenji & DJ Charlie B
Che Uno
Fly Persona ft Falcon Outlaw & Lord Juco - Che Uno
Stay Out Late
Lavish - Stay Out Late
Devil's Reject - Madchild
dvsn & Ty Dolla $ign
I Believed It (feat. Mac Miller) - dvsn & Ty Dolla $ign
ATN Prime
Once upon a Time Remix - ATN Prime
Def 3
Lift Off (feat. Recess) - Def 3
Jessie Reyez
Fraud - Jessie Reyez
The Ooh Baby Gimme Mores
Paranoid Paranoid - The Ooh Baby Gimme Mores
Dusty Wallace
Tru Nord - Dusty Wallace
Sleepin (prod. 6phinx) - Smallz
Swamp Thing
Stunning Speeds - Swamp Thing
FXRRVST (pronounced Forest)
Tidal Wave - FXRRVST (pronounced Forest)
Beneficiary - Wintersleep
Reuben and the Dark
Wanderer - Reuben and the Dark
Chester Doom
Anxiety - Chester Doom
Royal Castle
Schönsee - Royal Castle
The Blue Stones
Don't Miss - The Blue Stones
Dear Rouge
Live Through the Night - Dear Rouge
Heart Attack Kids
Modern Decay - Heart Attack Kids
Billy Talent
Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black) - Billy Talent
New Pornographers
Use It - New Pornographers
Eloise - Hollerado
The Dreadnoughts
Battleford 1885 - The Dreadnoughts
Big Wreck
That Song - Big Wreck
Strange Breed
Tethers - Strange Breed
Three Days Grace
Riot - Three Days Grace
Goodnight, Sunrise
Friends Like You - Goodnight, Sunrise
The Man Who
Money - The Man Who
Excuses Excuses
Meaning of Life - Excuses Excuses
Marcus Paquin
Something Beautiful - Marcus Paquin
Little Destroyer
Hitman - Little Destroyer
The Zolas
Energy Czar - The Zolas
Sans Soleil - Alexisonfire