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Radiohits offers music that you do not hear so often at other radio stations. You hear the latest music, such as Disco, Pop, Old Ginger, Trance, Punk, R & B, Rock, Country, Jazz. 50, 60, 70, 80, 90- until today music. Powered by johnsRadio. just on the web.

  • Slogan: the best music from the 50's until today
Now playing
In Your Wildest Dreams
Tina Turner - In Your Wildest Dreams
Hope For The Future
S Club 7 - Hope For The Future
Could It Be Magic
Andrea T Mendoza & Tibet - Could It Be Magic
Love Was Never
Angela Bofill Ft. Marion Meadows & Gene Rice - Love Was Never
Back To Life
Chris Mayer & J.Yoko - Back To Life
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