Playlist Radio Swiss Pop

One Direction-More Than This
One Direction - One Direction-More Than This
On My Way
Loom - On My Way
Spiel mitem F��r
Dom Sweden - Spiel mitem F��r
By the Way
Patric Scott & N.I.C. - By the Way
Moments In Time
Sareena Overwater - Moments In Time
All The Way
Pelos - All The Way
Joe Cocker-Tonight
Joe Cocker - Joe Cocker-Tonight
Dancing With a Demon
Scilla Hess - Dancing With a Demon
Last Avenue - Andalusia
Paul Carrack-When You Walk in the Room
Paul Carrack - Paul Carrack-When You Walk in the Room
Souls - Tandem
In The Garden
Heidi Happy - In The Garden
Lost Shape
Moritz - Lost Shape