Nautic Radio - Beats 'n Breaks

Nautic Radio - Beats 'n Breaks Netherlands, Groningen
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Beats 'n Breaks is not only a radio show, but is a group of people that also hosts freeparties. They started their show on a Wednesday somewhere in 2008, and are still doing so today. The music Beats 'n Breaks plays is similar on both the radio show and the freeparties, and ranges from Drum&bass to Tekno, but also from Breakcore to Hiphop to Punk. You can find the Beats 'n Breaks crew often around Groningen, but they've also played in the rest of the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Italy (Milan), Spain etc. Where the DJs are usually restricted to a certain music style on a party, the radio shows offers them all freedom to go from popular music to the most underground music you've heard.