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Broasting a successful brand and strong broadcast resume, THE RICK & BUBBA SHOW is one of America’s Top-10 Morning Shows. Heard nationally on radio and simulcast on TNN-TV, Rick Burgess & Bill “Bubba” Bussey are truly Masters of Morning Drive -- with their engaging, fast-paced and entertaining style of unscripted and personality driven programming. Their coverage of timely & topical issues, lively debates, laugh-out-loud-funny passionate interaction with their on-air sidekicks, live studio audience, listener interaction and leading guests, reflects a continuous daily saga of current events, water cooler stories, opinions, real-life experiences, pop culture, faith, sports and more. A dominant ratings champion, THE RICK & BUBBA SHOW enjoys broad appeal with listeners and sponsors alike.

  • Slogan: WE BE BIG - Two Sexiest Fat Men Alive
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Speedy at Redneck Wrestling - GOOD VERS.
Rick and Bubba Show
WLJS - Rick and Bubba Show
My Song
Production Room 1 - My Song
Andy as Phil the Groundhog
Production Room 1 - Andy as Phil the Groundhog
Alex The Laugh Ender
Production Room 1 - Alex The Laugh Ender
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Speedy Mispeaks, Chance and Iraq
Rick & Bubba Show - Speedy Mispeaks, Chance and Iraq
October 9
Rick & Bubba Show - October 9
My Song
Production Room 1 - My Song