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You will be able to still listen to Trash Can Radio on the internet, on all your mobile devices just as you do now and still on DAB radio. The Trash Can Radio website that you are reading this on now will still be here, the feed to listen to the same programs will not change and you can still hear TCR on your Androids and iPhones. You will still be able to advertise on Trash Can radio as well. New prices will be announced here soon. However, in the next few days those listening to us on DAB radio will see the DSL name change from TrashCan or Trash Can Radio to Radio Nirvana. Our new programs (on DAB radio) will gradually replace during the daytime, some, but not all for the moment at least, the programs you may be used to. But for sure from 7pm till 7am absolutely Trash Can Radio will be on air, on the same DAB station, but called Radio Nirvana. There might be some confusion at first with the show ID’s and even the station ID’s but after awhile the confusion should sort itself out. We may and probably will have some tongue twisters at first trying to decide how to label and ID some of the programs, during the near future daytime programs at least. Radio Nirvana is not something we have hated to create, it is not going to be something terrible to avoid, it can still be your “Musical Heaven”, it is just another way to help keep the great music flowing on air in one way, or...

Address : 07951 095584