Playlist 1000 Smooth Hits

Love like this
Paul Jackson Jr. - Love like this
Ain't it Marvelous
Shilts - Ain't it Marvelous
Justin Klunk - Thunder
Can't Stop The Train
Igor Gerzina - Can't Stop The Train
Dance Beat
Jessy J - Dance Beat
Tokyo Night (feat. Tak Matsumoto)
Larry Carlton - Tokyo Night (feat. Tak Matsumoto)
Take It Home
Andrew Neu - Take It Home
Take My Time
Jarez - Take My Time
Glad I Met You Tonight
Funktastic Players - Glad I Met You Tonight
Villa Azur
Luna Blanca - Villa Azur
Antoine Knight - Infatuation
My Lucky Day
Peter White - My Lucky Day
Tick Tock
Boney James - Tick Tock
Blake Aaron - Crush
So Danco Samba
Till Brönner - So Danco Samba
Keep Holding On
Hank Bilal - Keep Holding On
Smile For Me
Shilts - Smile For Me
Fred Dinkins - R.L.
Bump Dat!
Urban Jazz Coalition - Bump Dat!
Feels So Good
Dr. Dave & The Housecall Band - Feels So Good
It's a funk thing
Mezzoforte - It's a funk thing
Quarter to Midnight
Amandus - Quarter to Midnight
Blue Days
Paul Hardcastle - Blue Days
LaShawn D. Gary - Transitions
Take 5
Dr. Dave - Take 5
Desert Rose
Ed Calle - Desert Rose
Time 2 chill
Walter Chancellor Jr. - Time 2 chill
Wishing on a star
Jaared - Wishing on a star
Deon Yates - Resaxation
Baby Maybe
Allen Carman Project - Baby Maybe
Luna Blanca - Rose
Melody Man
Vassal Benford - Melody Man
Rob Tardik - Perseverance
Mark Carter - Swingtown
Berlin Boogie
Mezzoforte - Berlin Boogie
Busta Move
Julian Vaughn - Busta Move
After We Play
Johnny Britt - After We Play
Caminando (feat. Marc Antoine)
David Benoit - Caminando (feat. Marc Antoine)
Magical Nights
Colors in Motion - Magical Nights
Stay Close To Me
Rocco Ventrella - Stay Close To Me
Livin it up
Cloud Nyyne - Livin it up
Mesa Moon
Gregg Karukas - Mesa Moon
And Now This
Paul Taylor - And Now This
Darren Rahn - Everlasting
Let's Bounce
Nils - Let's Bounce
Back Home
Reggie C Journey - Back Home
My Best Friend
Ken Navarro - My Best Friend
Inner City Blues
496 West - Inner City Blues
Chris Standring - Qwertyuiop
In The Moment
Brien Andrews - In The Moment
Uptown Express
Jeff Golub - Uptown Express
Joy Dance
Kim Waters - Joy Dance
Paul Brown - Winelight
Dont Stop Believin'
Hank Bilal - Dont Stop Believin'
Harbor Lounge
Elbtunnel - Harbor Lounge
Blake Aaron - Dreamland
Chieli Minucci - Mystical
Mission possible
Jim Peterik - Mission possible
Michael Manson - Sundance
Play it again
Bill Colletti - Play it again
Neamen Lyles - A
Cruisin' In the Wind
Kevin Crockett - Cruisin' In the Wind
Nite and Day
Ronny Jordan - Nite and Day
Holdin' Back The Years
Rick Braun - Holdin' Back The Years
Bobby Lyle - Nujazzy
Paul Taylor - Horizon
Definition Of Funk
Collective Groove Band - Definition Of Funk
Velvet Rose
J. Walker Jr. - Velvet Rose
Paul Brown - Hush
Our Kind of Love
Dan Alan Levine - Our Kind of Love
James Colah - YES!
Key To Paradise
Roman Street - Key To Paradise
Rock Creek Park
Brian Lenair - Rock Creek Park
To The Air Era
Rei Narita - To The Air Era
BeautifuI Day
Walter Chancellor Jr. - BeautifuI Day
At the end of the street (feat. Marc Antoine)
Christophe Goze - At the end of the street (feat. Marc Antoine)
Back In The Day
Dreaming In Colour - Back In The Day
A Day At the Beach
Wayne Jones - A Day At the Beach
Bob Baldwin - Rejuvenate
Fall For You
Blake Aaron - Fall For You
Joe Rozum - Overdrive
Ocean Blue
Jesse Cook - Ocean Blue
Together Again (feat. Andrew Neu)
Edgardo Cintron - Together Again (feat. Andrew Neu)
So Cool
Candy Dulfer - So Cool
Chris Godber - Dreamin'
Dean James - GroovySax
Paolo Rustichelli - Glitter
Bail Out
Terje Lie - Bail Out
No Stoppin'
Rodney Greene - No Stoppin'
Chilling Mr Benson
Threestyle - Chilling Mr Benson
Land Of The Sun
Gary Palmer - Land Of The Sun
Eric Essix - Stride
Spenden 2021
1000 Smooth Hits - Spenden 2021
Take It Uptown
Gino Rosaria - Take It Uptown
Fly Away (feat. Jessy J)
Jonathan Fritzén - Fly Away (feat. Jessy J)
Night in the Algarve
Nils - Night in the Algarve
Standing Room Only
Dee Lucas - Standing Room Only
48th Street
The Pat Petrillo Big Rhythm Band - 48th Street
Get Your Groove On
Brian Lenair - Get Your Groove On
Late Night Drive
Brad Alexander - Late Night Drive
Parallel lives
Ken Navarro - Parallel lives
A Sunny Day
WaKaNa - A Sunny Day
Chicks With Kickstands
Larry Carlton - Chicks With Kickstands
True Love
Sam Rucker - True Love
Wait For Me
Chelsea Nichole - Wait For Me
Blue touch
Gregg Karukas - Blue touch
Christophe Goze - Butterflies
Steve Oliver - Why
Najee - Bounce
I'm Every Woman
Kim Scott - I'm Every Woman
Her Love
Amandus - Her Love
On the move
Paul Taylor - On the move
Can't Live Without
Collective Groove Band - Can't Live Without
I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Jason Miles - I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Monsoon in Crimson
Rei Narita - Monsoon in Crimson
The Time Is Now
Dee Lucas - The Time Is Now
Imaginary road
Reza Khan - Imaginary road
Cal Harris Jr. - Soulful
In Style
Douglas Jackson - In Style
Not far from home
Steve Briody - Not far from home
Fattburger - Sizzlin
Waay Up
Brandon Marceal - Waay Up
Cool To The Touch
Greg Adams - Cool To The Touch
Vel Lewis & Michael Garvin - Bossaflowz
Les Sabler - Fragile
Passing Time
Christophe Goze - Passing Time
High Heels
Lisa Addeo - High Heels
On the Groove
Ghost Jazz Trio - On the Groove
Midnight in Manhattan
Peter White - Midnight in Manhattan
Second Chance
Marcos Ariel - Second Chance
Smile (feat. Jaared)
Rob Tardik - Smile (feat. Jaared)
New Horizons
Dominic Camardella - New Horizons
Reed Seed
Jason Miles - Reed Seed
Friday at 5
Paul Taylor - Friday at 5
That Beat
The 3 Keys - That Beat
Keiko Matsui - Affirmation
Beyond the Vista
KnightHammer - Beyond the Vista
Paolo Rustichelli - Hot
Let's Move
Eric Valentine - Let's Move
Adriatic Flow (feat. Magdalena Chovancova)
Threestyle - Adriatic Flow (feat. Magdalena Chovancova)
Flavors of My Mind
Zachary Breaux - Flavors of My Mind
It Feels So Good
Von Stupart - It Feels So Good
Your Place Or Mine
Shilts - Your Place Or Mine
What Is Hip
Terry Wollman - What Is Hip
Blue Bossa
Chris Standring - Blue Bossa
Super Smooth
Bob Coate - Super Smooth
Hello Beautiful
Blair Bryant - Hello Beautiful
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
Frank Piombo - Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
Snuggle Up
Brian Bromberg - Snuggle Up
Mindi Abair - Momo
Foreign exchange (feat. Marc Antoine)
Paul Brown - Foreign exchange (feat. Marc Antoine)
Sir Dee
Dee Lucas - Sir Dee
Take You Higher
Euge Groove - Take You Higher
Blue Sphere
Lars Taylor - Blue Sphere
Passing Through
Jim Adkins - Passing Through
Strawberry Moon
Jason Miles - Strawberry Moon
Move Ahead
Richard Elliot - Move Ahead
Cruise control
George Benson - Cruise control
Luna Blanca - Mistral
Spanish Love
Wayne Gutshall - Spanish Love
Lowell Hopper - Festival
Jazz Cafe
Alexander Zonjic - Jazz Cafe
Magic In Your Eyes
Rocco Ventrella - Magic In Your Eyes
Pioneer Town
David Benoit - Pioneer Town
Crusaders - Samplin'
7 And 7 (feat. Euge Groove)
Paul Brown - 7 And 7 (feat. Euge Groove)
Song of May
Patrick Bradley - Song of May
Fourplay - Anniversario
Antonio's Song
Till Brönner - Antonio's Song
The Allen Carman Project - Fingerprints
That's my jam
Eric Darius - That's my jam
Coming Home
Ken Powe - Coming Home
Latin flavours
Daniel Domenge - Latin flavours
Keeping It Real
Ellis White - Keeping It Real
Misunderstanding (feat. Kay
Gary Palmer - Misunderstanding (feat. Kay
Let's Rewind
Bob Baldwin - Let's Rewind
What Kind Of World
Bobby Lyle - What Kind Of World
Counting Stars
Igor Gerzina - Counting Stars
Autumn Day
Peter White - Autumn Day
Soul To Soul
Christophe Goze - Soul To Soul
Straight Up
Michael Manson - Straight Up
Walter Beasley - Hydra
Summer Feelin
Eric Darius - Summer Feelin
Kim Scott - Shine
Going Left
Dee Lucas - Going Left
Girl From Ipanema
Marcos Ariel - Girl From Ipanema
Secret Sauce
Paul Brown - Secret Sauce
Stay Above The Fray
Bob Baldwin - Stay Above The Fray
Steve Oliver - Slingshot
Tuesday Swings
Jazz Funk Soul - Tuesday Swings
City Lights
Mike Phillips - City Lights
Night after night
Peter White - Night after night
Paradigm Shift
Carol Albert - Paradigm Shift
Gonna B Alright
Euge Groove - Gonna B Alright
JJ Sansaverino - Miami
Juicy (feat. Kirk Whalum)
Brian Simpson - Juicy (feat. Kirk Whalum)
Leave The Door Open
Fostina Dixon - Leave The Door Open
My Gift
Blair Bryant - My Gift
Straight To The Point
Paul Taylor - Straight To The Point
Feeling Happy
Funktastic Players - Feeling Happy
Green Eyes
Cole Jacobs - Green Eyes
Dr. Dave - Sylvia
Spenden 2021
1000 Smooth Hits - Spenden 2021
Vel Lewis & Michael Garvin - PlayTyme
Top Down
Greg Manning - Top Down
Nine 2 Five
Nils - Nine 2 Five
Jelly on my jacket
Joyce Cooling - Jelly on my jacket
One more kiss
Matt Lee - One more kiss
Inner City Blues
Richard Elliot - Inner City Blues
Ryan Montano - Honest
Deep Into You
Gregg Karukas - Deep Into You
Michael Lington - Play
Crazy Eights
Chieli Minucci - Crazy Eights
The Answer
Karlton Jones - The Answer
Ziggy's Groove
Mark Mixx - Ziggy's Groove
B. More Knights
Bona Fide - B. More Knights
Cant Take my Eyes Off Of You
Art Morris - Cant Take my Eyes Off Of You
Road to Monterey (feat. Magdalena Chovancova)
Threestyle - Road to Monterey (feat. Magdalena Chovancova)
You got this
Bob Baldwin - You got this
Coast Cruisin' feat. Daniel Chia
VAD75 - Coast Cruisin' feat. Daniel Chia
Show Me
Rebecca Jade - Show Me
Line it Up
Craig Sharmat - Line it Up
Rick Braun - Christiane
Wayne Gutshall - Hello
City Life
Michael Lington - City Life