Playlist Forest Green Radio

Wise Oak Tavern
Derek & Brandon Fiechter - Wise Oak Tavern
The Eyes of Amelia
Eric Tingstad & Nancy Rumbel - The Eyes of Amelia
Yeha Noha (Wishes of Happiness and Prosperity)
Sacred Spirit - Yeha Noha (Wishes of Happiness and Prosperity)
Return To Ommadawn Part One
Mike Oldfield - Return To Ommadawn Part One
Shelter Song
Alexander Nakarada - Shelter Song
King Ottokar (Original Mix)
DJ Van Wood - King Ottokar (Original Mix)
A Naturally Occurring Heart
Byron Metcalf - A Naturally Occurring Heart
Running Free
Peter Crowley - Running Free
2002 - Nautilus
Infinite Journey
Dan Gibson - Infinite Journey
Illusions Of Paradise
Paul Lawler - Illusions Of Paradise
The Path
Savfk - The Path
White Oleander
Martin Tillman - White Oleander
Antti Martikainen - Excalibur
Warmth Inside
Maze - Warmth Inside
Only by Love
Shinnobu - Only by Love
Emiliano Secchi - Crossroad
Desire (Ambient Mix)
Blank & Jones - Desire (Ambient Mix)
Kai Engel - Phantasm
Stay A While
Rettward von Doernberg - Stay A While
Fire Dance
New Age - Fire Dance
Music in Nature's frequency
Forest Green Radio - Music in Nature's frequency
White Tree
Streamline - White Tree
Etude in D Minor
Holland Phillips - Etude in D Minor
Enchanted Lake
Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream - Enchanted Lake
Winter Sun
Himekami - Winter Sun
Loreena McKennitt - Incantation
Clans of Ulaid
Ian Fontova - Clans of Ulaid
LeSage & J Whitty
J Whitty - LeSage & J Whitty
Life - work
Icarus (feat. Julie Elven)
Ivan Torrent - Icarus (feat. Julie Elven)
Evening at Ankgor Wat
Sherry Finzer & Will Clipman - Evening at Ankgor Wat
Eyes Wide Open
Tony Anderson - Eyes Wide Open
Moonlight Dance
Derek Fiechter - Moonlight Dance
Whistle on the Path
Paul Machlis - Whistle on the Path
Goodbye M
Piotr Dubaj - Goodbye M
David Schombert - Earth
Hennie Bekker - Delfina
Slyvan Elves
Derek and Brandon Fletchter - Slyvan Elves
Early Morning Call (Original Mix)
Charlie North - Early Morning Call (Original Mix)
David Arkenstone feat. Project:CSQ - Emergence
Behind the Stars
Adrian von Ziegler - Behind the Stars
Who We Are
A Bad Think - Who We Are
Carl Lord - Stillness
Al Jewer & Andy Mitran - Reflection
Cervitaur Priest
Derek & Brandon Fiechter - Cervitaur Priest
Destination - Lichtung
Ancient Sage
Brandon Fiechter - Ancient Sage
There Will Come a Day (Radio Edit)
Billy Gaines - There Will Come a Day (Radio Edit)
Steve McDonald - Eastlander
Speh - Torn
The Poet and I
Frank Mills - The Poet and I
Remember Me
Thomas Bergersen - Remember Me
Essence of Kryon
Robert Haig Coxon - Essence of Kryon
Ludovico Einaudi - Numbers
Gandalf - Iris
Lady of the Lake
Antti Martikainen - Lady of the Lake
The Secret Garden
Blue Monk, Michael Whalen - The Secret Garden
Spy From Cairo
Hirudo - Spy From Cairo
Night Ends at Dawn Orchestra - Night Ends at Dawn
Take Me Home
Moon and Aries - Take Me Home
In Tunes Wave (Original Mix)
Black Coffee - In Tunes Wave (Original Mix)
Winds of Athonia
Bjørn Lynne (Bjorn Lynne solo albums) - Winds of Athonia
Amadea Music Productions - Elevation
Endless (Original Mix)
Puremusic - Endless (Original Mix)
Michael FK
Michael FK - Michael FK
Crystal Moon
Ricky Kej And Wouter Kellerman - Crystal Moon
The Angel I Once Loved (Remake)
Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream - The Angel I Once Loved (Remake)
Delightful Skies
James Newton Howard - Delightful Skies
Magic Travel
Stive Morgan - Magic Travel
Paul Machlis - Nightblossom
Tell Me
Aljosha Konstanty - Tell Me
Valley of Healing Waters
2002 - Valley of Healing Waters
Delicate Balance
Dan Gibson - Delicate Balance
River Suite, Pt.1 Into the Clouds
Don Latarski - River Suite, Pt.1 Into the Clouds
Really Slow Motion - Aeorien
Pablo J. Garmon - Supernova
Al Jewer & Andy Mitran - Regeneration
Attraction Beckons
Thierry David - Attraction Beckons
Rise of the Fallen
BrunuhVille - Rise of the Fallen
Motionfield - Hummingbird
Karoo Song
Hennie Bekker - Karoo Song
Enrico Fabio Cortese - Lovely
Words Fade
BlauDisS - Words Fade
The Promise
Globus - The Promise
Morioch the Elder
Derek & Brandon Fiechter - Morioch the Elder
The Golden Spiral
Seay - The Golden Spiral
Golden Rule
Kyle Preston - Golden Rule
The Luminous World Orchestra - Asatoma
Hidden in the Shade
Brandon Fiechter - Hidden in the Shade
Omri Lahav - Celtica
Beautiful (Dub Mix)
S For Slow - Beautiful (Dub Mix)
Terry Oldfield & Soraya - Namaste
With Me Now
Hilary Stagg - With Me Now
Ibiza Sunrise (Original Mix)
Gordon Geco - Ibiza Sunrise (Original Mix)
Crystal (Dreams of Sea Beams)
Bekki Williams - Crystal (Dreams of Sea Beams)
Sacral Nirvana
Oliver Shati & Friends - Sacral Nirvana
Paul Avgerinos - Clear
Conspiracy Music Guru - Rooting
Amy's Lullaby
Darin Mahoney - Amy's Lullaby
Medieval Anthem
Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream - Medieval Anthem
Son de la Tierra Lejana
Esther Garcia - Son de la Tierra Lejana
Perpetual Motion - Dreamcatcher
Cúirt Robin Finley
Altan - Cúirt Robin Finley
The Grail Quest
Antti Martikainen - The Grail Quest
Alone - Dive
David J. Pena - Mystify
A Sailor's Journey
Peter Crowley - A Sailor's Journey
Hammers Time (Original Mix)
Kos Kastilio - Hammers Time (Original Mix)
Jacques Y. Fafard & Lise Charbonneau - Satori
Embracing the Sunrise
Kai Engel - Embracing the Sunrise
Just a Feeling Verstion
Edelis - Just a Feeling Verstion
The Imperial City
BrunuhVille - The Imperial City
Relaxed Love (Original Mix)
Edo - Relaxed Love (Original Mix)
Penelope's Song
Loreena McKennitt - Penelope's Song
Walk In Beauty
Thomasina Levy & David Darling featuring Joseph FireCrow - Walk In Beauty
Life Force
Stive Morgan - Life Force
Alexander_V.Mogilco_ - _White_Wheel_feat._Mirra
The Power of Will (feat. Gaby Koss)
Ivan Torrent - The Power of Will (feat. Gaby Koss)
Ocean of Light
David Wahler - Ocean of Light
Forest Whispers
Dyan Garris - Forest Whispers
Autumn Elegy
Hennie Bekker - Autumn Elegy
Highland Mists
Omri Lahav - Highland Mists
I Hear You Now
Jon And Vangelis - I Hear You Now
Minus Blue feat. Emma Saville - Souvenir
Lifa Kreigsgaldr
Heilung - Lifa Kreigsgaldr
The Black Rose
Joanie Madden - The Black Rose
Coração Triste (Original Mix)
Matheus Souza - Coração Triste (Original Mix)
White Spa
Kai Otten - White Spa
Fear No Darkness
Adrian Von Ziegler - Fear No Darkness
Sea Green
William Orbit - Sea Green
Moving While Motionless
Evenfall - Moving While Motionless
Ta source
Sylvie Smith, Jacques Fafard - Ta source
Jig of a Reckless Sea
Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream - Jig of a Reckless Sea
Dark Sky Island
Enya - Dark Sky Island
Dan Gibson [Solitudes] - Driftwood
Force of Good - Uplifters
Return To Innocence
Enigma - Return To Innocence
Grace's Mastered 170121 1644.1
Euan McLaughlin - Grace's Mastered 170121 1644.1
Kings Cross
Bemused - Kings Cross
Frame By Frame - Seagulls
Thomas Bergersen - Starvation
Kendra Logozar (Kendra Springer) - Faith
Luigi Alessi - Verso
Catya Maré - Clouds
Wind of the Western Sea
Bill Douglas - Wind of the Western Sea
Midnight Flight of the Bumble Bee
Kygo, a - Midnight Flight of the Bumble Bee
Perpetual Motion - Oasis
Tracey Hewat - Firelands
Celtic Women - Caladonia
Music in Nature's frequency
Forest Green Radio - Music in Nature's frequency
A Break in the Clouds
PNFA - A Break in the Clouds
Fields of Gold
Lisa Lynne - Fields of Gold
cdk - cdk
I Am Perfect Either Way
Anaamaly - I Am Perfect Either Way
She Whispered Three Words
Peter Gundry - She Whispered Three Words
Oceans Of Life
2002 - Oceans Of Life
Mists of Avalon
BrunuhVille - Mists of Avalon
Revanche (Sit On The Sand Mix)
Ferry Tayle - Revanche (Sit On The Sand Mix)
Beneath A Phrygian Sky (Gordian Version)
Loreena McKennitt - Beneath A Phrygian Sky (Gordian Version)
The Journey Home
John Doan - The Journey Home
Lily of the Valley
Deuter - Lily of the Valley
Chapter One (feat. Chloe Sandra)
Aurora B.Polaris & Justin Jet Zorbas - Chapter One (feat. Chloe Sandra)
Cliff House
Dallas David Ochoa - Cliff House
Vintage Frames
Kai Engel - Vintage Frames
Tapestry #1
Michael Kent Smith - Tapestry #1
Scott Reich - Karuna
Amure - Vintage
Mushroom Swamp
Brandon Fiechter - Mushroom Swamp
Quod Tu Es Fui feat. Aneta Tor; The Academic Choir of Lublin University of Technology
Piotr Banka - Quod Tu Es Fui feat. Aneta Tor; The Academic Choir of Lublin University of Technology
Music Therapy
Jill Garcia - Music Therapy
Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning - Wayfarer
Peter Maze - Sweetness
Under The Arches Of The Temple
Rassolodin - Under The Arches Of The Temple
Flames Of Glory
Really Slow Motion - Flames Of Glory
Seay - Oceanus
Ken Verheecke - Sunset
Ross Christopher - Greta
Substance of Universe
Edelis - Substance of Universe
Derek & Brandon Fiechter - Dreadmoor
Chill Del La Mer (Blank Cafe Relax Mix)
Lullaby Lounge - Chill Del La Mer (Blank Cafe Relax Mix)
Healing Waters
Derek Fiechter - Healing Waters
Sweet Return
Hillary Stagg - Sweet Return
Igor Pumphonia
Igor Pumphonia - Igor Pumphonia
Peasants Courtyard
Alon Peretz - Peasants Courtyard
In the Shadow of Olympus
Omri Lahav - In the Shadow of Olympus
Departure From The Shire
EverStar - Departure From The Shire
Ivan Teixeira - Prado
Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester Frankfurt feat. Gunnar G. Guttesen - Voyage
Cornell Kinderknecht - Homeward
Radhika Miller - Origins
Autumn Road
Sheldon Pickering - Autumn Road
Sat Naaraa
Snatam Kaur - Sat Naaraa
Relaxing Celtic Music
Spiritual Moment - Relaxing Celtic Music
Turning Circles
Yann Sella feat. Manchester Rain - Turning Circles
Celtic Dream
Ronan Hardman - Celtic Dream
The Story Of All Stories
Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream - The Story Of All Stories
Hosts Of The Air
Clann - Hosts Of The Air
Oleg Sirenko
Tunguska Electronic Music Society - Oleg Sirenko
The Secret Rose
Bill Douglas - The Secret Rose
Black Is The Colour
Celtic Woman - Black Is The Colour
Shadows in Silence
Enigma - Shadows in Silence
Music in Nature's frequency
Forest Green Radio - Music in Nature's frequency
King of the North
BrunuhVille - King of the North
The clock strikes midnight.
Lulu Ann - The clock strikes midnight.
Al Conti - Contemplation
The Inishbofin
Robert Leon - The Inishbofin
Sappheiros - Embrace
Stone Fall
Albert Artemyev - Stone Fall
I Am One
Macro_Form - I Am One
A Secret Garden (Adele Deluxe Edit)
Lounge Deluxe - A Secret Garden (Adele Deluxe Edit)
Red Earth Reverie
Alpha Wave Movement - Red Earth Reverie
A Star in Heaven Is Born Tonight
Josefine Opsahl & Trine Opsahl - A Star in Heaven Is Born Tonight
Friendly Valley
Deuter - Friendly Valley
White Falcon's Inn
Derek & Brandon Fiechter - White Falcon's Inn
Eleven Eleven
Exchange - Eleven Eleven
Perpetual Motion - Nova
The Legend Of Greenhills
Regnum Day - The Legend Of Greenhills
Your Grace
Lenski Alfred feat. Thabani Gapara, Ernie Smith, Siyanqoba Mthethwa & Oscar Seaton Jr - Your Grace
Shutting Stars
Pavel Fomitchov - Shutting Stars
A Tavern For The Night
Peter Crowley - A Tavern For The Night
Wrapped in Love
Michael Kollwitz - Wrapped in Love
Barbara Hills - Love
Influence of the Galaxy
Peter Davison - Influence of the Galaxy
Pixie Wings
Derek Fiechter - Pixie Wings
Golden Autumn
Vanilla Potatoyes - Golden Autumn
Loreena McKennitt - Never
Circle of Stones
Tina Malia - Circle of Stones
Celtic Lyra - Samhain
4lienetic - Fade
The Ballerina (orchestrated by Marc Riley) (Orchestrated)
Amartya Paul - The Ballerina (orchestrated by Marc Riley) (Orchestrated)
Dandelion (Tribute to a Legend)
Ivan Torrent - Dandelion (Tribute to a Legend)
Space and Time
Daniel Kvasznicza - Space and Time
Painted Emotions
Solace Road - Painted Emotions
Radhika Miller - Sunrise
Timothy Wenzel - 3
Keepers of the Light
Marina Raye - Keepers of the Light
Flute of Mysteries
Brandon Fiechter - Flute of Mysteries
Lift The Wings
The Gaelics - Lift The Wings
Dark Waltz
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Feat. Hayley Westenra - Dark Waltz
Má Théann Tú 'un Aonaigh
Altan - Má Théann Tú 'un Aonaigh
Day Break
Bill Wren - Day Break
Autumn Forest
Adrian von Ziegler - Autumn Forest
Twilight Dialogue
Klaus Schonnig - Twilight Dialogue
Deserts Burn
Blue Is Nine - Deserts Burn
Music in Nature's frequency
Forest Green Radio - Music in Nature's frequency
Kerani - Anchoress
Draig Llofrudd
BrunuhVille - Draig Llofrudd
Sentinel of Eden
Nicholas Gunn - Sentinel of Eden
Darashan Maago
Snatam Kaur - Darashan Maago
Sir Bedivere
Derek and Brandon Flechter - Sir Bedivere
The Invention Rooms
Savfk - The Invention Rooms
Open Your Eyes
CMA - Open Your Eyes
Lars Alsing - Spirit
Creation of Earth
Thomas Bergersen - Creation of Earth
Angels Echoes
KoolSax - Angels Echoes
Cold Spring
Streamline - Cold Spring
I Draw the Air
Edelis - I Draw the Air
Crimson Leaves
Derek & Brandon Fiechter - Crimson Leaves
What Lies Within
Peter Later & Dominic Miller - What Lies Within
Jungle Spirits
Perpetual Motion - Jungle Spirits
Ailein Duinn
Meav - Ailein Duinn
Blissful Moments
Ptr. - Blissful Moments
Heavenly Cities
2002 - Heavenly Cities
Enduring Love
Pamela & Randy Copus - Enduring Love
Al Conti
Al Conti - Al Conti
Math (Michael FK Version)
Michael FK & G. Strizzolo - Math (Michael FK Version)
Sailing by Starlight
John Adorney - Sailing by Starlight
Emerald Fairies
Derek Fiechter - Emerald Fairies
Forest Whisper
Peder B. Helland - Forest Whisper
The English Ladye And The Knight
Loreena McKennitt - The English Ladye And The Knight
O'Sullivan's March
The Chieftains - O'Sullivan's March
Orthodox - Waterways
Sound of an Angel
Peter Roe - Sound of an Angel
Into Tomorrow
Eddy Ruyter - Into Tomorrow
Blissful Beginning of the day
Bindu - Blissful Beginning of the day
Tony Anderson - Tenderness
Manyus Joan Eta - Chicanos
Morgaine Grows Up
Lee Holdridge - Morgaine Grows Up
Roxanne's Veil
Vangelis & Vanessa Mae - Roxanne's Veil
Sonnenreigen (Lughnasad)
Faun - Sonnenreigen (Lughnasad)
For Eamonn
Nightnoise - For Eamonn
Floating (Original Mix)
Abendrot - Floating (Original Mix)
RUnar Blesvik - Adventures
Amadea Music Productions - Wonderlands
Magic Kingdom
Peter Sterling - Magic Kingdom
Wild Goose Flaps Its Wings
Mike Oldfield - Wild Goose Flaps Its Wings