Playlist The Healing Fire

Recently played
The Almost - Young Again
Hawk Nelson - Words
BarlowGirl - Come Alive
TFK - Honest
Fireflight - Here And Now
Skillet - Dead Inside
The Healing Fire (Promo 5) -
Death Therapy - My Defiance
Newsboys - Set Me Ablaze
DAV - All It Takes
Gold Frankencense and Myrrh - Give Me A Sign
Amongst The Giants - Too Late
The Protest - Noise Revolution
Switchfoot - Were Gonna Be Alright
My Epic - White Noises f
Dayseye - Victory
The Wrecking - Glorious
Bayless - My Declaration
Addison Road - What Do I Know Of Holy
Fit For A King - When Everything Means Nothing
Ledger - Warrior f
The Almost - Summer Summer
TFK - Adrenaline
Skillet - The Resistance
Building 429 - Fear No More
Samestate - Symphonies
Fireflight - You Decide
Thousand Foot Krutch - Push (Live)
Kutless - Come Back Home
Hyland - Crying Out
Newsboys - Glorious (Tait Version)
Consumed By Fire - This Is Home
Nevertheless - Cross My Heart
Falling Up - Flights
Ashes Remain - Come Alive
Addison Road - Show Me Life
Stryper - Heaven
Red - Fight To Forget
Anberlin - Breath
The Union of Sinners and Saints - Rise Up
TFK - Off The Rails
Sumerlin - More Than a Memory
U2 - Cedarwood Road
Fireflight - You Decide (acoustic)
Third Day - Times Running Out On Me
Thousand Foot Krutch - Light up the Sky (Live)
Relient K - Cat
Newsboys - Disaster
Consumed By Fire - Time For Us To Go
Out Of Black - Animal
We Are Vessel - Without A Fight
Death Therapy - My Defiance
DAV - All It Takes
The Healing Fire (Promo 3) -
Zahna - Drown
The Protest - Noise Revolution
My Epic - White Noises f
Phinehas - Burning Bright
Skillet - Salvation
Scott Stapp - Purpose For Pain
Fireflight - Forever (acoustic)
Fit For A King - When Everything Means Nothing
Thousand Foot Krutch - Be Somebody
The Healing Fire - (Stinger 4)
Relient K - Bummin
Everfound - What Love Means (Radio Version)
Nine Lashes - Love Me Now
Starfield - I Have Decided
Peter Furler - Glory To The King
John Elefante - On My Way To the Sun
John Schlitt - Live It Loud
Hyland - Coast To Coast
Switchfoot - Saltwater Heart
Anberlin - The Haunting
House of Heroes - The Voice Of Suburba
Hawk Nelson - Zero
Skillet - Awake and Alive
Kutless - Great Are You Lord
DecembeRadio - Powerful Thing (live)
All Star United - Once Again, With Feeling
Thousand Foot Krutch - Set Me on Fire
Newsboys - Build Us Back
Kansas - The Voyage of Eight Eighteen
Abandon - Push It Away
A Road Less Traveled - The One
Building 429 - Where I Belong
Seventh Day Slumber - Trust In Me
The Letter Black - Best Of Me
Gold, Frankincense, & Myrrh - Dimensions
Switchfoot - Live It Well
Anberlin - Runaways
Third Day - You Redeemed Me (Bonus Track)
Skillet - Madness In Me
Kutless - Carry Me To The Cross
The Union of Sinners and Saints - Independence Day
Fireflight - Those Who Wait
Silverline - More Than a Whisper
Mark Pogue - Man After Gods Heart
Relient K - If You Believe Me
Newsboys - Pouring It Out for You
TobyMac - Eye On It
Stryper - Carry On Wayward Son
Building 429 - Blameless
Red - What You Keep Alive
The Letter Black - Up from the Ashes
Nevertheless - When Im Alone
Switchfoot - Bull In A China Shop
Anberlin - A Day Late (Acoustic)
House of Heroes - Ghost
Skillet - Dont Wake Me
Kutless - Im With You
The Union of Sinners and Saints - Beyond Belief
Fireflight - Keeping Me Alive
Nine Lashes - Surrender
Mark Pogue - Love Will Find You
Relient K - Must Have Done Something Right
Newsboys - Gods Not Dead (Like A Lion)
Falling Up - Moonlit
DecembeRadio - Believer (live)
Building 429 - Best And Worst
Red - Falling Sky
Stellar Kart - Criminals And Kings
The Almost - Souls On Ten
Switchfoot - Shake This Feeling
Anberlin - Time & Confussion
TFK - Push
Skillet - Good To Be Alive
Kutless - Gave It All (I Surrender All)
The Union of Sinners and Saints - Christ the Lord Is Risen Today
Fireflight - Lightning
U2 - California (There Is No End to Love)
Nine Lashes - Light It Up
Mark Pogue - Love Like You Mean It
Silverline - With The Angels
LAST DAY RISING - Ready to Roll
John Elefante - The Awakening
VERIDIA - Still Breathing
The Healing Fire Station ID -
Stellar Kart - Before And After
The Almost - Monster Monster
Samestate - King
Switchfoot - The Day That I Found God
RED - Lost
Plumb - Cage
Audio Adrenaline - The Answer
Kutless - Carry On
Fireflight - Stronger Than You Think
NeedToBreathe - Oohs and Ahhs
12 Stones - That Changes Everything
Silverline - Too Far Gone
Relient K - Heartache
Newsboys - Thats How We Change The World
John Elefante - Dont Hide Away
Hyland - Til Death
House of Heroes - New Moon
High Flight Society - Sweet Redeemer
Third Day - In Your Hands
Flyleaf - All Around Me
Switchfoot - The Strength to Let Go
Anberlin - Birds Of Prey
Building 429 - Listen To The Sound
Skillet - Would It Matter
Kutless - Remember Me
Fireflight - Ignight
Abandon - New Years Day
A Road Less Traveled - Break My Fall
Thousand Foot Krutch - Light Up The Sky
Silverline - Life Everafter
Newsboys - Give Me to You
Stryper - King of Kings
Seventh Day Slumber - Mercy Meets My Pain
for KING & COUNTRY - Run Wild. (feat. Andy Mineo)
John Elefante - Questions (Its About Time)
Third Day - Faithful and True
Hyland - Jumping The Gun
Switchfoot - Love Aline Is Worth The Fight
Anberlin - You Belong Here
The Healing Fire Station ID -
Skillet - Lucy
Kutless - Redeemer
Fireflight - This Is Our Time
The Letter Black - Sick Charade
The Almost - Books & Books
Thousand Foot Krutch - All I Need To Know
Plumb - Dont Deserve You
Newsboys - One Shot
Gold, Frankincense, & Myrrh - Twisted Humanity
NeedToBreathe - Tyrant Kings
John Elefante - This Is How The Story Goes
Third Day - Devotion
Hyland - Fireworks
Switchfoot - Looking For America (f
Sanctus Real - On Fire
Flyleaf Testimony - Spirit Of Suicide
Sumerlin - #LiveLove
Fireflight - The Fallout
U2 - The Troubles
Falling Up - Lights of Reedsport
DecembeRadio - Satisfy Me (live)
Thousand Foot Krutch - The River (Live)
Relient K - Mrs Hippopotamuses
Hawk Nelson - Sold Out
All Star United - Surface of the Sun
Gold, Frankincense, & Myrrh - Evil Lies
Seventh Day Slumber - Fallen
TFK - Cant Stop This
Third Day - You Are My Everything
Audio Adrenaline - So Can I
Starfield - Burn For You
Anberlin - Hearing Voices
Sanctus Real - Bend Not Break
Sumerlin - Louder Than Words
Fireflight - Now
Everfound - God of the Impossible (EVERFOUND Remix)
U2 - Sleep Like a Baby Tonight
Colton Dixon - Limitless
Thousand Foot Krutch - Courtesy Call (Live)
The Healing Fire (Promo 3) -
Newsboys - Saviour Of The World
In the Verse - Mid-Lifes Night
John Elefante - Slay Your Demons
Stellar Kart - Never Leave Your Side
Ashes Remain - Take It Away
The Wrecking - Gravity
Silverline - Lights Out
Switchfoot - Oxygen