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Gospel Hour Ensemble
Victory In Jesus - Gospel Hour Ensemble
The Myers
The Eastern Gate - The Myers
The Barnes Family
This World Is Not My Home - The Barnes Family
The Minkler Family
In Shady Green Pastures - The Minkler Family
Crown Men 2008
I Never Shall forget the Day - Crown Men 2008
The Haven of Rest Quartet
Everybody Sing - The Haven of Rest Quartet
The Miller Family
I won't turn Back - The Miller Family
Hal Webb Ensemble
Won't You Tell Them of Him - Hal Webb Ensemble
The Walls Trio
Lean On Me - The Walls Trio
FRBC Teen Trio
The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power - FRBC Teen Trio
Shawnee Baptist Church Choir
City of Gold - Shawnee Baptist Church Choir
Hal Webb Trio
He Knows Just What I Need - Hal Webb Trio
Lonestar Men 2020
Just Preach Jesus - Lonestar Men 2020
Funamental Difference
What a Meeting - Funamental Difference
The Smith Family
Yes I Know - The Smith Family
Hobe Sound Men
Beautiful Sunshine - Hobe Sound Men
The OFRH Quartet
I'm on the Battlefield - The OFRH Quartet
Crown Men 2003
I'm a Child of the King - Crown Men 2003
Les Green & Doug Center
Peace In the Midst of the Storm - Les Green & Doug Center
Faithway Ladies 1999
Your Empty Hands - Faithway Ladies 1999
Parkside Youth Choir
Carry The Torch - Parkside Youth Choir
Heritage Quartet
What a Lovely Name - Heritage Quartet
PCC Ensemble 1991
Sing for Joy - PCC Ensemble 1991
Echoes of Joy
No Need to Doubt Him Now - Echoes of Joy
Stephen & Adam Russ
Patriot's Honor - Stephen & Adam Russ
Kim Dowdey
There Is a River - Kim Dowdey
BJU Choir
All Hail the Power - BJU Choir
Jan. 27
DSR - Jan. 27
The Joy Trio
New Grace - The Joy Trio
The Decker Trio
Jesus Please Use Me - The Decker Trio
A Crusade Choir
Sing of His Love - A Crusade Choir
Glory Road - OTWQ
Jan. 27, 2023
Billy Sunday - Jan. 27, 2023
Jan 27
DBV - Jan 27
Rudy Atwood & Harold DeCou
Leaning on the Everlasting Arms - Rudy Atwood & Harold DeCou
Fundamental Men
I'm Adopted - Fundamental Men
Ambassador's Staff Men
When He Calls Me - Ambassador's Staff Men
The Sommerdorf Family 2004
My Father Planned It All - The Sommerdorf Family 2004
The Marion Avenue Boys
Boundless Love - The Marion Avenue Boys
WCBC Men 2003
Salvation is a Miracle - WCBC Men 2003
Texas Baptist Men 2013
God On the Mountain - Texas Baptist Men 2013
North Valley Cong.
Just a Little While - North Valley Cong.
Roloff Lady
Miracle of Love - Roloff Lady
Precious Name Singers
Look For Me Around The Throne - Precious Name Singers
Seminole String Band
A Few Good Men - Seminole String Band
Assurance Trio
Bearing Precious Seed - Assurance Trio
The Grace Trio
At the Name of Jesus - The Grace Trio
GSBC Men 2015
I'm Feeling Fine - GSBC Men 2015
Jack Van Impe Choir
Wonderful Words of Life - Jack Van Impe Choir
Bible Truth Ensemble
He Is Wonderful - Bible Truth Ensemble
Gordon and Jean Greer
Come Thou Fount - Gordon and Jean Greer
Allegheny College Ladies
It pays to Serve the Lord - Allegheny College Ladies
Al Smith
My Anchor Holds - Al Smith
Stories of Great Christians PROMO
PSA - Stories of Great Christians PROMO
Jack Van Impe
Meeting In the Air - Jack Van Impe
Roloff Men
America Medley - Roloff Men
Witness 2008
Jesus Is Mine - Witness 2008
Hal Leonard Chorale 2020
Easter Jubilee - Hal Leonard Chorale 2020
The Jordan Family
Yes I Am - The Jordan Family
Nihl Bulkley
When We All Get To Heaven - Nihl Bulkley
Alan & Judy Moravek
You'd Better do It - Alan & Judy Moravek
Zion Hill Baptist Choir
The Next Time He Comes - Zion Hill Baptist Choir
Atlantic Coast Ladies 2013
Here am I, Send Me - Atlantic Coast Ladies 2013
Hyles Men 1985
This World Is Not My Home - Hyles Men 1985
The Logan Family
Why - The Logan Family
The White Sisters
God will make a Way - The White Sisters
The Walters Sisters
Gone - The Walters Sisters
Hyles Ladies 2002
He Loved Me - Hyles Ladies 2002
April 30, 2018
Family Altar Program 15 - April 30, 2018
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