FUSE FM Ballymoney

FUSE FM Ballymoney 107.5 FM United Kingdom, Ballymoney
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: fUSe fm Ballymoney is the local Community Ulster-Scots radio station for north Antrim. Since our first broadcast in December 2007 to present day we have continued to grow. OFCOM awarded fUSe fm Ballymoney a community radio license in May 2013 (and a first for any Ulster-Scots station), and since then we launched the station in July 2015. We thank everyone owho listens, and are delighted when you contact us, so please send us your various requests via our text message or email service and become part of the fUSe family.

  • Frequency: 107.5 FM
  • Slogan: If we hae it, we'll play it
Address : fUse fm Studio The Ullans Centre 64 Main Centre 65 Main Street BallyMoney 07979743843
Email: info@fusefmballymoney.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fuseballymoney