Lover's Lane
Club 1600 - Lover's Lane
Midnight Angel
Nappo Berna - Midnight Angel
Jonathan Butler (Featuring Boney James) - Surrender
Don't Ask My Neighbors
Goin, Garry - Don't Ask My Neighbors
Not Meant To Be
Vincent Ingala - Not Meant To Be
Summer Chill
Fridrik Karlsson - Summer Chill
Sweet Spot
Jonathan Fritzen (feat. Paul Brown) - Sweet Spot
Midnight Conversation
Rhythm Logic - Midnight Conversation
Jay Soto - Daydreamin
Captive Hearts
Gregg Karukas - Captive Hearts
Love Me
Euge Groove - Love Me
Tim Bowman - Miracle
Kool & Klean - Lights
Jim Adkins - Reflections
My Prayer
Peter White - My Prayer
Summer's End
Brian Simpson - Summer's End
Slow Dance
Ken Navarro - Slow Dance
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Highway One
Steve Oliver - Highway One
Liquid Soul
Chris Standring - Liquid Soul
On The Ocean
Rob White - On The Ocean
Chuck Loeb - Bells
In The Rain With You
Ronny Smith - In The Rain With You
You're The One
Brian Culbertson - You're The One
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Perspectives (Guitar Version)
Jeffery Smith - Perspectives (Guitar Version)
Together We Can
Doc Powell - Together We Can
Turn Down The Heat
Paul Hardcastle - Turn Down The Heat
Feel Like Making Love
Bob James - Feel Like Making Love
Boney James - Detour
Steve Cole - Intimacy
Buenos Aires
Nappo Berna - Buenos Aires
Skinny Hightower - Closer
Body And Soul
Rick Braun - Body And Soul
Sanctuary St
Oli Silk - Sanctuary St
You Don't Know What Love Is
Cindy Bradley - You Don't Know What Love Is
Cloud Watching
The Jazzmasters - Cloud Watching
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Black Sand
Andrea Razzauti - Black Sand
Groovin' Up Hip Street
Euge Groove - Groovin' Up Hip Street
Fly Away (Thinking Of You)
Gregg Karukas - Fly Away (Thinking Of You)
Love Suggestions - Beautiful
Just My Imagination
Peter White - Just My Imagination
Moonlit Ocean
Brian Simpson - Moonlit Ocean
All I Need
Ken Navarro - All I Need
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You've Got A Friend
Eric Marienthal - You've Got A Friend
In the Rain
Roberto Vazquez - In the Rain
The Gist of You
Chris Standring - The Gist of You
In Motion
Jonathan Fritzen - In Motion
While We Speak
Chuck Loeb - While We Speak
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The Way You Feel
Brian Culbertson - The Way You Feel
Four Miles
Konstantin Klashtorni - Four Miles
Warm Summer Nights
Kool&Klean - Warm Summer Nights
Long Way Home
The V.I.P. Club - Long Way Home
Tim Bowman - Miracle
Valley of the Kings
Paul Hardcastle - Valley of the Kings
Hold On Tight
Boney James - Hold On Tight
Sweet Surrender
Nappo Berna - Sweet Surrender
Vanston Place (00am)
Ronny Jordan - Vanston Place (00am)
George Benson - C
White Sand
Paul Brown - White Sand
Shelly Beach
Igor - Shelly Beach
Marc Antoine - Opus
3 AM
Blue Soul Groove - 3 AM
The Gospel Truth
Euge Groove - The Gospel Truth
On Mulberry
Roberto Restuccia - On Mulberry
Wind Dancing
Jim Adkins - Wind Dancing
Got to Be There
Peter White - Got to Be There
Here With You
Brian Simpson - Here With You
Deep Inside Your Heart
Dancing Fantasy - Deep Inside Your Heart
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Simply Beautiful
Nathan Mitchell - Simply Beautiful
Missing you
Steve Cole - Missing you
Inside the Garden Of Peace And Love
Norman Brown - Inside the Garden Of Peace And Love
Jonathan Fritzen & Alex Crown - Melting
And the Show Goes On
Chris Standring - And the Show Goes On
Bird Island
The Jazzmasters - Bird Island
Call Me Late Tonight
Michael Lington - Call Me Late Tonight
Always With You
Elan Trotman - Always With You
Share My Life
Kool & Klean - Share My Life
Bob James & Earl Klugh - Kari
Gentle Rain
Joe Mcbride - Gentle Rain
Quiet Times
Grady Nichols - Quiet Times
Pieces of a Dream - Sailing
Once Upon A Love
Fourplay - Once Upon A Love
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Guessing Game
Kool&Klean - Guessing Game
Granted Wish
James Lloyd - Granted Wish
Mark Etheredge - Peace
Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise
George Benson - Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise
Take Some Time Out
Oli Silk - Take Some Time Out
Special Occasion
Kevin Toney - Special Occasion
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Days Gone By
Brian Culbertson - Days Gone By
Osaka Skyline
Shakatak - Osaka Skyline
Night Moves
Nappo Berna - Night Moves
The Truth (Shall Set You Free
Paul Hardcastle - The Truth (Shall Set You Free
Tim Bowman - Paradise
Blue Touch
Gregg Karukas - Blue Touch
Jazzmasters - Chime
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Highway One
Steve Oliver - Highway One
Night Lights
Andrew Neu - Night Lights
Just For Kicks
Marion Meadows - Just For Kicks
Cause We've Ended As Lovers
Chieli Minucci - Cause We've Ended As Lovers
Soul Embrace
Brian Simpson - Soul Embrace
Water Runs Dry
Chuck Loeb - Water Runs Dry
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Last Night
Nils - Last Night
Bedtime Story
Boney James - Bedtime Story
Do What You Do
Chris Standring - Do What You Do
Jay Soto - Daydreamin
Rest your Mind
Fridrik Karlsson - Rest your Mind
Strawberry Moon
Joey Navarro - Strawberry Moon
Lay It Down
Euge Groove - Lay It Down
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Let's Go Upstairs
Brian Clay - Let's Go Upstairs
Wolfgang 40
Marc Antoine - Wolfgang 40
Turn Off The Lights
Jeff Golub - Turn Off The Lights
I Can Only Imagine
Kool & Klean - I Can Only Imagine
Ocean Serenity
Chilling Jazz Kollektion - Ocean Serenity
All Night
Richard Elliot - All Night
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Just Chillin
Jim Adkins - Just Chillin
Terry T.
Larry Carlton - Terry T.
Trust In Love
Stan Berger - Trust In Love
Brooklyn Breezes
Rhythm Logic - Brooklyn Breezes
I Remember You
Ronny Jordan - I Remember You
Arancio Bossa
Andrea Razzauti - Arancio Bossa
Together We Can
Doc Powell - Together We Can
Les Sabler - Tranquility
Don't Ask My Neighbors
Goin, Garry - Don't Ask My Neighbors
Randy Scott (featuring Cindy Bradley) - Daydreams
Simple Life
Roberto Vazquez - Simple Life
Sweet Mercy
Ken Navarro - Sweet Mercy
Sleeping Angel
Brian Hughes - Sleeping Angel
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Take 1
Paul Hardcastle - Take 1
Midnight Kiss
Paul Brown - Midnight Kiss
Gregg Karukas - Isabella
Sweet Lullaby
The Rippingtons - Sweet Lullaby
West Coast Stranger
Matt Marshak - West Coast Stranger
When You Love Somebody
Nick Colionne - When You Love Somebody
Past Present Future
Joel Del Rosario - Past Present Future
God Only Knows
Chris Standring - God Only Knows
You've Got A Friend
Michael Lington - You've Got A Friend
Missing Your Touch
Acoustic Alchemy - Missing Your Touch
All In All
Fantasy Band - All In All