KUTT 99.5 FM United States, Lincoln
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Our goal was to create a station that everyone loves. We wanted a big mix of music, still playing the classics from Garth to Waylon with a sprinkling of the current country music. We wanted to have the freedom to play requests, get crazy, and be something that would be entertaining to listen to. As far as the name... Ol' Red by Blake Shelton, Red Hot dogs, Red Dirt, Red, White, and Blue, Rednecks... we love all those things. Just like that tail wagging, tongue hanging out the window hound dog riding next to you in your truck... we are glad to be along for the ride with you. Thanks for listening!

  • Frequency: 99.5 FM
  • Slogan: Today's Best Country
Address : 414 4th Street Fairbury, NE 68352 4027293382
Email: kristin@newschannelnebraska.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kutt995