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103.5 The Sun Community Radio 103.5 FM United States, Madison
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The Sun Community Radio is on the air! We entertain, empower, and enlighten the fine folks of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, and beyond through programming produced by and for Sun Prairie residents. The Sun, Sun Prairie's first and only non-profit, non-commercial radio station, is the place for great talk programming such as "Authentic Business Adventures," "Coffee with a Cop," "Flashpoint," "Good Morning Sun Prairie," "Homeroom," and "My World and Welcome to it." We also feature terrific music programming such as "Fully Funktional," "Take Immediate Cover," "Synth the Sun," "Country Gold," "Play Anything," "Seldom Heard," and much more. We are radio powered by Sun Prairie for Sun Prairie and beyond. Tune in now!

  • Frequency: 103.5 FM
  • Slogan: Radio-powered by Sun Prairie
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Authentic Business Adventures
Sun Prairie Media Center - Authentic Business Adventures
Country Gold
Sun Prairie Media Center - Country Gold
PITP The Imperials One More Song for you
PITP The Imperials One More Song for you - PITP The Imperials One More Song for you
Track 10
Bebo Norman - Track 10
The Great Adventure
Steven Curtis Chapman - The Great Adventure
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Erin Hirsch -
Hey! Ho! Let's Go!
Sun Prairie Media Center - Hey! Ho! Let's Go!
Seldom Heard
Sun Prairie Media Center - Seldom Heard
Kevin's Rock Chronicles
Sun Prairie Media Center - Kevin's Rock Chronicles
Synth the Sun
Sun Prairie Media Center - Synth the Sun
Around the Block
Mike Lyster - Around the Block
The Schmozcast
Sun Prairie Media Center - The Schmozcast
Made in America
Sun Prairie Media Center - Made in America
Whole Healing with Becky Jo
Sun Prairie Media Center - Whole Healing with Becky Jo
Grrl Powered Radio
Sun Prairie Media Center - Grrl Powered Radio