Playlist Prog Core Radio

Prog Café avec Denis (6) - Yuval Ron & Residents of the Future [5wQu]
Jacques Tom Rivest - Trouver ma liberté [53ct]
Cloud Atlas - Journeys End [53mI]
Steven Wilson - The Holy Drinker [53na]
Goblin - Suspiria: Sighs [53jP]
Cris Luna - Love And Hate [535E]
Opale - 2 Le vide [2ena]
Anima Mundi - Flowers [2elF]
Tears For Fears - Pale Shelter [53qw]
Echoes of Giants - Let It Go [53mV]
The Gift - Word Of Mouth And Heart [2enz]
Earthside - Return Of The Anunnaki [53k3]
Earthside - Crater ft. Björn Strid [53jh]
This Oceanic Feeling - Lie Detector [2enK]
Dominic Forbes - Timesweep [5wQr]
The Bad Light - Hypathia [53nc]
Arcade Messiah - Your Best Line Of Defence Is Obscurity [2elI]
Agnes Obel - Brother Sparrow [536y]
Leonardo Fagelli - Star Mist [53cp]
Roger Hodgson - The More I Look [53hM]
My Name is Janet - Feed Your President [2emZ]
AutChose - Vancouver, une nuit comme une autre [536R]
JPL - Noé [2emz]
Times Up - Let The North Wind Blow [53qr]
X-Panda - Reflections: Silent Friend [2eo0]
Lana Lane - Shine [53cr]
Tears For Fears - Woman In Chains [53hP]
Airbag - No Escape [536w]
Cymbalic Encounters - Gravitational Pull Into Sunyata [5367]
DaYTona - Ce soir là [535x]
Touch - PCR / Le Petit Homme [1u0I]
The Church - Under The Milky Way [53qb]
Elephants of Scotland - Swing the Gavel [2em9]
Fire on Dawson - Deliah [53k1]
Built for the Future - Arrive [2elX]
Chair Warriors - Death Men Poetry [536c]
Sylvan - Posthumous Silence [53i5]
ODD LOGIC - Life, Lore, & Love [2en8]
Cirrha Niva - Silver Tongues [535H]
Brett William Kull - My House is Loud [2elU]
Gekko Projekt - Particle Dance [53jH]
Transistor - Follow Me [53qX]
Enigma - Shadows In Silence [53mE]
In The Fumes - Messages [53hy]
Ayreon - Evil Devolution [536H]
Gazpacho - Park Bench [2emq]
Kyros - Boiling Point [2emE]
Insania - Heading for Tomorrow [53hh]
Projected Man - Raspberry Jam [2ene]
Seconds Before Landing - Etiene [53hW]
Witherfall - The Great Awakening [2enZ]
Temposognato - PCR [3b8y]
Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Mozart And Memories [53qv]
The Cranberries - Linger [53qu]
The Doughboys - Fix Me [53qk]
Protest The Hero - Cataract [2enh]
Field Of Vision - Sand [53iL]
Aisles - The Sacrifice [536J]
House of Not - Man of Faith [53k2]
Starmania- France Gall - Monopolis [53ix]
Evolve IV - War [2emb]
50 Foot Wave - Gods Not A Dick [536T]
Kaprekars Constant - Four Faced Liar [53he]
Kolumbus - I Hope You Find Happiness [53hs]
Traffic Experiment - Once More [53qW]
Geof Whitely Project - Throwing Shadows [53jQ]
Alannah Myles - Black Velvet [536Q]
Monnaie de Singe - Kill Me [53mM]
A-J Charron - Nostalgia [536v]
Clepsydra - Fear [53mQ]
Eloy - Illuminations [53jm]
FOREVR - Yucatan [53jK]
Dead Can Dance - Opium [536a]
Canamii - The Jester [535W]
Starship Trooper - The Great Pond in the Sky [53iy]
A Flock Of Seagulls - I Ran [5370]
The Swagger - Keep On Fighting [53qf]
Kingcrow - Slow Down [2emB]
Cris Luna - Love And Hate [535E]
Sunchild - Shall We Run [53iC]
Aquaplanage - Diunk #25 [536n]
In Extremis - Days Between Stations [53n0]
Feint - Reprise [53jr]
Keor - Ravens Eye [53c2]
Colin Masson - Two Lighthousekeepers [5363]
Anima Mundi - Clockwork Heart [2elG]
Different Light - Voice Of Outside [53j9]
Gravy Train - Bring My Life On Back To Me [53ko]
The Neal Morse Band - Doomsday Destiny [53qQ]
Tiras Buck - All over Again [2enR]
The Far Meadow - Industry [2env]
Freedom To Glide - Exit Wound (Let It Go...) [53ke]
This Forever Sky - Guardians [53qs]
Falling Edge - Not That Far Away [53iX]
Peter Matuchniak - Reprisal [2enb]
The Gift - Escalation [2enA]
Elephants of Scotland - TFAY [53k5]
Angels on the Battlefield - On The Wings of Dragons [536X]
Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way [53iS]
These Curious Thoughts - The Stars [2enG]
Fiori Seguin - Chanson pour Marthe [53jt]
Karibow - PCR / Beiieve [1u0H]
No Man - Back When You Were Beautiful [53n4]
IZZ - Own the Mystery [2emw]
Gin Blossoms - Lost Horizons [53jG]
The Moody Blues - A Night At Red Rocks with The Colorado Symphony Orchestra - Nights In White Satin [53qA]
Dead Meadow - At Her Open Door [536b]
FOREVR - Heart Of Ice [53iQ]
The Fixx - Red Skies [53q9]
Flying Colors - A Place in Your World [53ju]