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This radio channel is geared specifically for Chicago, USA and brings in local news, information, talk shows and different programs in poetry, short stories, for kids, health shows, fitness shows, leadership talk and interviews with the local talent in the greater Chicago area. There are 8 radio hosts who do live programs weekdays 10-12 noon and 7-9 pm and weekends from 10 am - 3 pm; rest of the channel is devoted to popular hits in English and Hindi

  • Slogan: Your community radio channel ..Spicy, tangy, sweet...
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Lambi Umrein
Bhupinder Singh & Mitali Singh - Lambi Umrein
Subah Subah
Bhupinder Singh - Subah Subah
Dekha Mujhe To
Bhupinder Singh - Dekha Mujhe To
Kitni Girhein Kholi Hai Maine
Mitali Singh - Kitni Girhein Kholi Hai Maine
Kosa Kosa Lagta Hai
Mitali Singh - Kosa Kosa Lagta Hai
Address : 8476683565