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83.9 Astig Pinoy Radio Philippines
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83.9 Astigpinoyradio http://839astigpinoyradio.blogspot.com/ Description Astig Pinoy Radio, the very own Pinoy internet radio station of astigpinoyradio.com begins test broadcast on May 19, 2012 to cater to the music tastes of the APR Filipino community www.astigpinoyradio.com is the global free online radio station that delivers great variety of music and genre. We aspire to connect radio and music lovers worldwide while socially interacting via our live chat page TUNE IN CHAT IN! We accept song, dedication or greeting requests from astigpinoyradio.com regulars and newbies. Please give correct sufficient details like song title & artist/s or the occasion for the greetings & names of all con

  • Email: astigpinoyradio@gmail.com