Gospel Ride Experience-NYC

Gospel Ride Experience-NYC United States
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The Gospel Ride Experience was launched in May 2006. My wife had a vision. The vision was a radio ministry, and within two weeks it came into existence. A friend of mine worked with a secular radio station and within two weeks after my wife’s vision, he contacted and informed me that his boss was looking for someone to do a gospel segment on the air and I was recommended. I got in touch with the owner of the radio station and within a few days it all started. I choose the name “The Gospel Ride Experience” because I thought that I was just going on the air to play some gospel songs (that’s my passion), but God had bigger plans for this ministry. In the summer of 2011 brodavonministries.com was launched (this is an off-shoot of The Gospel Ride Experience) and it has grown tremendously. We are now affiliated with many radio stations in the Tri-State area, Georgia, Florida and the Cayman Island.

  • Slogan: Prayer is our militant weapon
Address : P.O. Box 662 Bronx, NY 10469 17182809922
Email: gospelride@brodavonministries.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/brotherdavon