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Seereer Radio is a 24 hour talk and music stream radio station that broadcast for the Seereer community of Senegal, The Gambia, Mauritania and the Diaspora. Listen to exclusive interviews and live topical discussions on matters relating to Seereer religion (a ƭat Roog), history and culture. Join the conversation by Skype, telephone, text or e-mail. Listen as we throw in some Seereer and Senegambian music for your total delectation. We are radio station that educates and entertains. No matter how you spell the name Seereer, be it Serer, Sereer or Sérère, they all refer to the Seereer ethnic group of the Senegambia region. Seereer Radio | The Voice of the Seereer Community

  • Slogan: The Voice of the Seereer Community
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Ceereer ne ino mbogun [1a2Y]
Marie Ngoné Ndione; Simon Sène; Aïda Mbaye Yandé Codou; Ndeye Faye Diakhao; Ndiaga Socé; Fatou Diambal Thior; Paul Yass; Selbé Linguère; Vieux Diouf; Sidy Kor Dior; Latyr Faye Ngourané; Remi Dioh; Marcel Diabia Ndong; Fatou Sarr Thialane; Mahecor Guedj Di - Ceereer ne ino mbogun [1a2Y]
Ten Yooro Waal Adaam Faniing Feno Juufeen [183]
Yandé Codou Sène - Ten Yooro Waal Adaam Faniing Feno Juufeen [183]
MBog faap ne [qZ7]
Emile Ndiaye - MBog faap ne [qZ7]
Chérie Diéguéma [c3d]
Piérre Latyr Sarr - Chérie Diéguéma [c3d]
Gueyanam keke [cGS]
Angélique Dione - Gueyanam keke [cGS]
Address : +44 20 7097 3832