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Dogglounge deep house internet radio plays an international blend of the deeper sounds of house music 24/7. In between individual tracks playing in constant rotation we recruit DJs from all over the world to bring you LIVE broadcasts every week. We spend many hours digging through our crates for the most stylish and unique house tracks for your listening pleasure.

  • Slogan: Streaming Deep House Music 24/7
Now playing
Der Tanz auf der Stelle (Ldm Remix)
Peter Strom - Der Tanz auf der Stelle (Ldm Remix)
Do I Move You (original raw mix)
Born Bjorg - Do I Move You (original raw mix)
Bassfort - Dixtrit
Soir Bleu
Jean Thibault - Soir Bleu
Lo Custom Fit (Original Mix)
Wipe The Needle - Lo Custom Fit (Original Mix)
Address : 612-LOUNGIN