Playlist Radio Rivendell

Humble Beginnings
John Debney - Humble Beginnings
Laning 1
Celestial Aeon Project - Laning 1
Journey To The Sun
Sean Beeson - Journey To The Sun
Jaunty Playful Foolish
Sophie Lichtenstein - Jaunty Playful Foolish
Sounds from the Ground
Rob Meijer - Sounds from the Ground
Cross Ranncor Trailer
Joey Newman - Cross Ranncor Trailer
The March of the Fallen King
Aaron Dunn - The March of the Fallen King
In the Court of the Khan
Davutus - In the Court of the Khan
The Jungle
Erdenstern - The Jungle
The Fall of Gondolin
Francisco Nogueiras - The Fall of Gondolin
Celestial Aeon Project - Ultima
Grey Havens (Remastered)
Tincolindo - Grey Havens (Remastered)
The Zone
Erdenstern - The Zone
The Journey Begins
Erdenstern - The Journey Begins
Going Down
Erdenstern - Going Down
The City
Ken Young - The City
Epic Soul Factory - Goodbye
The Court of Antiochus
Erg - The Court of Antiochus
The Lake of Eternal Darkness
Kirill Pokrovsky - The Lake of Eternal Darkness
Wound to the Heart
Richard J Durand - Wound to the Heart
Night Spirits
Angels of Venice - Night Spirits
The Hidden Door
Ted Nasmith - The Hidden Door
Irish Dance
Alexandre Guiraud Wizart - Irish Dance
Kung Eriks Ganglat
Marcos Ciscar - Kung Eriks Ganglat
Tommy Tallarico - Muse
Treacherous Tides
Ty Berry - Treacherous Tides
Omnious Woods
Kai Rosenkranz - Omnious Woods
Uncharted Isle
Tom W Hall - Uncharted Isle
Verse of the Rings
Lonely Star - Verse of the Rings
In the Distance, Jerusalem.
Soriano - In the Distance, Jerusalem.
1000 Gedanken
Ballycotton - 1000 Gedanken
Valar (Excerpt)
Drachenfeuer - Valar (Excerpt)
Knights of the Realm
Derek & Brandon Fiechter - Knights of the Realm
Fluch der Menschheit (Curse of Humanity)
The Slanted Room - Fluch der Menschheit (Curse of Humanity)
Whirlybird II
Paul Houseman - Whirlybird II
Anabasis - Title
War & the Seconds Attempt
Hetoreyn - War & the Seconds Attempt
An Event of Unspeakable Peril II
Paul Houseman - An Event of Unspeakable Peril II
Helm's Deep
Patrice Deceuninck - Helm's Deep
Venice Industry
Jesper Kyd - Venice Industry
Epilogue and Credits
James Semple - Epilogue and Credits
Hsin Huang
Li - Hsin Huang
Drum Beat
Lukas Deuschel - Drum Beat
Eternal Music
Jule Konrad - Eternal Music
Back at Home
Balaghan - Back at Home
Isle of Irdorath
Kai Rosenkranz - Isle of Irdorath
Believe Machines
Make - Believe Machines
Kai Rosenkranz - Graveyard
Leonardo's Inventions, Pt. 2
Jesper Kyd - Leonardo's Inventions, Pt. 2
Erdenstern - Hungry
Riding The Wind
Chulainn - Riding The Wind
Hunting The Beast
Erdenstern - Hunting The Beast
New Snow
Karen Altman - New Snow
Land of Eternity
Sean Beeson - Land of Eternity
Erdenstern - Circus
Sea Fairies
Brandon Fiechter - Sea Fairies
Celestial Aeon Project - Ultima
The Nevershade Frontier
Dynamedion SoundDesign - The Nevershade Frontier
Track 17
Christophe Rime - Track 17
The Temple of Poseidon
David Arkenstone - The Temple of Poseidon
Under der Linden
Sumerluft - Under der Linden
Leprechaun's Hut
Derek Fiechter - Leprechaun's Hut
Queen of the Sun
Angels of Venice - Queen of the Sun
Archangel (Live)
Conjurer - Archangel (Live)
Access The Animus
Jesper Kyd - Access The Animus
Moon Fairies
Derek Fiechter - Moon Fairies
Of Frogs and Princes
Laura Olson - Of Frogs and Princes
Across the Frozen Lake
Alex Werner - Across the Frozen Lake
Troubled Times
Midnight Syndicate - Troubled Times
City of Sand
Chulainn - City of Sand
Above the Clouds
Gregory Bakay - Above the Clouds
The War for the Elves
Aaron Dunn - The War for the Elves
Fairy Kingdom
Brandon Fiechter - Fairy Kingdom
Hauch der Eismaid
Orkpack - Hauch der Eismaid
Tavern Song 2
Balaghan - Tavern Song 2
The Sword of the Rose part 2
Cristiano Filippini - The Sword of the Rose part 2
Return To The Dark Dungeon
Erang - Return To The Dark Dungeon
The King is Dead
Mattias Westlund - The King is Dead
The Demon Prince
The Slanted Room - The Demon Prince
Treacherous Waters (Excerpt)
Antti Martikainen - Treacherous Waters (Excerpt)
Prince's Escape
Sovarozüm - Prince's Escape
Frozen Citadel
Mantle Of Dust - Frozen Citadel
Marcel Scheitza - Battlefield
A Boy and His Dreams
Richard John S - A Boy and His Dreams
Theme for a Thorn
Hetoreyn - Theme for a Thorn
Scarborough Fair
Jessica Comeau - Scarborough Fair
The Riddle of Strider
Lonely Star - The Riddle of Strider
Im Land der Söldnerprinzen
Orkpack - Im Land der Söldnerprinzen
Erdenstern - Epilogue
Gladiator's Arena
Peter Szwach - Gladiator's Arena
Enter The Desert Of Ra
Mantle Of Dust - Enter The Desert Of Ra
The Pavilion
Gargrim The Liar - The Pavilion
The Voyager
Liquid Cinema - The Voyager
Gealdýr - Kauna
Two Worlds II
Glorian - Two Worlds II
Waters of Anduin
Averil 'Tincolindo' White - Waters of Anduin
Hetoreyn - Awakening
Mystery Forest
Bjorn Lynne - Mystery Forest
Jessica Rae Butler - Lamathlim
Pirates' March
Borislav Slavov, Victor Stoyanov - Pirates' March
Matt's Jig
Robert Euvino - Matt's Jig
A Journey Coming To An End
Erdenstern - A Journey Coming To An End
Lair of the Sea Snakes
Synth Bard - Lair of the Sea Snakes
Ocean Reflections No. 1
Saul Gefen - Ocean Reflections No. 1
Erdenstern - Acacia
Wetlands Escape
Jesper Kyd - Wetlands Escape
Erdenstern - Invasion
John R1se - Overcome
Glyn R Brown - Firelord
Your Wish
Joey Newman - Your Wish
Castle (Dedicated to H. P. Lovecraft)
Nemuer - Castle (Dedicated to H. P. Lovecraft)
Prelude: The Hand of Fate
Dronolan's Tower - Prelude: The Hand of Fate
Venice Rooftops
Jesper Kyd - Venice Rooftops
Jan Morgenstern - Ambience
Mission of evil omen
Fonogeri - Mission of evil omen
Venice Escape
Jesper Kyd - Venice Escape
A Puritan Quandary
Melanie Gruben - A Puritan Quandary
Elven Night
Derek & Brandon Fiechter - Elven Night
Lissa - Käthe
Stroke Your Wings
Luchs - Stroke Your Wings
Gib Auf
Orkpack - Gib Auf
A Forest Dark and Deep
Kirill Pokrovsky - A Forest Dark and Deep
Drowned Love
Paul Spaeth - Drowned Love
The Castle
Erdenstern - The Castle
Atlantis (no drums)
Novem Music - Atlantis (no drums)
Joe Griffith - Preservation
Forester's Hut
Derek & Brandon Fiechter - Forester's Hut
Track 11
Kai Rosenkranz - Track 11
Rúnfell - Firedancer
Lastdavard's Capitol Castle
Joey Newman - Lastdavard's Capitol Castle
Ding dang
Moltesmusic - Ding dang
Kingdom of the Celts
Ty Berry - Kingdom of the Celts
Elvya - Nature
Earendil and the Sea
Francisco Nogueiras - Earendil and the Sea
Celestial Aeon Project - Einherjar
The Second Night
Erang - The Second Night
Temple of the moon
Hetoreyn - Temple of the moon
Greek Myths
Derek Fiechter - Greek Myths
The Elves of Mirkwood
Andrew Skrabutenas - The Elves of Mirkwood
The Monagham
Blackmores night - The Monagham
The Storm
Erdenstern - The Storm
Bran Brother - Geralt
Steam Adventure
Brandon Fiechter - Steam Adventure
The King's Fool
Davutus - The King's Fool
Psicodreamics - Luminous
Swampy Circus
Halindir - Swampy Circus
A Nords Sunset
Solstheim - A Nords Sunset
Two Mandolins
Robert Euvino - Two Mandolins
The Lion's Standard
Averil 'Tincolindo' White - The Lion's Standard
Celestial Aeon Project - Ultima
Inner Voice
Kirill Pokrovsky - Inner Voice
Ali di Fata
Alex Must - Ali di Fata
Meditation Begins
Jesper Kyd - Meditation Begins
Song 1
Dynamedion SoundDesign - Song 1
Das Jahr des Feuers
Erdenstern - Das Jahr des Feuers
Hefja Blót
Danheim - Hefja Blót
Les Chevaliers de la Tonde (Ronde 1)
Vinnie Johnson - Les Chevaliers de la Tonde (Ronde 1)
The Song of the Living Night
Psicodreamics - The Song of the Living Night
Det Danska Hotet
Marcos Ciscar - Det Danska Hotet
Legend of Endymion 2 : First M
Church of Selene - Legend of Endymion 2 : First M
The search
Hetoreyn - The search
Buccaneers Route
Borislav Slavov, Victor Stoyanov - Buccaneers Route
The Fellowship on Entering the Magic Forest of Lothlorien (Excerpt)
Marco Lo Muscio - The Fellowship on Entering the Magic Forest of Lothlorien (Excerpt)
Wings of Fire
Gregory Bakay - Wings of Fire
Sara's Dream
Angels of Venice - Sara's Dream
Spur 8
Mantle Of Dust - Spur 8
The Vast Space
Pontus Rufelt - The Vast Space
Angel's Redemption
Celestial Aeon Project - Angel's Redemption
Arise, Watcher
John Debney - Arise, Watcher
James Semple - Betrayal
A Dark Discovery
Dustin Naegel - A Dark Discovery
Song 13
Dynamedion SoundDesign - Song 13
Julia Okrusko - Haunted
Guillaume 'Spiky' MULLER / Hilltop Asylum (Part I)
Spiky - Guillaume 'Spiky' MULLER / Hilltop Asylum (Part I)
Ancient Presence
Kirill Pokrovsky - Ancient Presence
Moonlight Pixies
Brandon Fiechter - Moonlight Pixies
Out of The Mist
Roman Jarema - Out of The Mist
Aquatic Elves
Brandon Fiechter - Aquatic Elves
Moon Song
Mistfolk - Moon Song
City of Khorinis
Kai Rosenkranz - City of Khorinis
Defending Gaia
Acherontic Dawn - Defending Gaia
Centaur Games
Synth Bard - Centaur Games
The Market
Melanie Gruben - The Market
Maiden II "War Paint"
Conjurer - Maiden II "War Paint"
Track 9
Christophe Rime - Track 9
Karen Altman - Treasured
A  Light In The Darkness
Florian Bochkovsky - A Light In The Darkness
Signum Romanum
Mark Sutton - Signum Romanum
Title Track
Tommy Tallarico - Title Track
Arathorn's Final Battle
Tobias Bublat, Adam Langston & Rob Westwood - Arathorn's Final Battle
Snow Leopard
Shiryu - Snow Leopard
Shadow Glade
Brandon Fiechter - Shadow Glade
Dwarven Mines
Brandon Fiechter - Dwarven Mines
The Monastery
Celestial Aeon Project - The Monastery
Over the Stones of the Gray
Inon Zur - Over the Stones of the Gray
A Hope to Survive
Richard John S - A Hope to Survive
The Woods
Saul Gefen - The Woods
Return to the Planet Earth of Love (Radio edit)
Marth - Return to the Planet Earth of Love (Radio edit)
The iron price
Celtic Music World - The iron price
Losing Time
Will Van De Crommert - Losing Time
Hsin Huang
Li - Hsin Huang
Let Your Friends Win
MARTH - Let Your Friends Win
Belhanka FM
Ralf Kurtsiefer - Belhanka FM
Letzter Kampf
Orkpack - Letzter Kampf
Omnimi - Neso
The Crypt
James Semple - The Crypt
Frozen Sun (Excerpt)
Antti Martikainen - Frozen Sun (Excerpt)
Mati - Al'Anfa
Dark Corners
Peter Lukacs - Dark Corners
The Quest
William Kersten - The Quest
Highland Pipes
Celestial Aeon Project - Highland Pipes
Into A Dark Dawn
Acherontic Dawn - Into A Dark Dawn
Guillaume 'Spiky' MULLER / The Docks
Spiky - Guillaume 'Spiky' MULLER / The Docks
Kirill Pokrovsky - Voin
Ensemble La Volta - Alleluia
Orkpack - Zwergen
Erdenstern - Weightless
Frost Zone Requiem
Orkpack - Frost Zone Requiem
Farewell to Forest Whalley
Bran Brother - Farewell to Forest Whalley
Sirenia Allure
Arkane - Sirenia Allure
Heroes Never Die
Rainer Struck - Heroes Never Die
Medieval Drum Dance
Mince Pye - Medieval Drum Dance
The Rise Of Nehrims
Lukas Deuschel - The Rise Of Nehrims
Celestial Aeon Project - Ultima
Supreme Unicorn
Phantawalker - Supreme Unicorn
Erdenstern - Lost
Orkpack - Danger
Orbis Terrarum Requiem (Excerpt)
In Scissors - Orbis Terrarum Requiem (Excerpt)
A Day in the Life of a Gong Farmer
Robert Euvino - A Day in the Life of a Gong Farmer
Keith Zizza - Water
Danheim - Hausta
Anabasis - Catacombs
Francisco Nogueiras - Menegroth
Meant for Great Things
Lost Kingdom - Meant for Great Things
Erdenstern - Haunted
Land of Glory
Andreas Waldetoft - Land of Glory
Off Shore
Erdenstern - Off Shore
Jan Grochowski - Banita
The Barbarian Host
Mattias Westlund - The Barbarian Host
X - Score
Festum Ferox Fuit
Els Berros de la Cort - Festum Ferox Fuit
Minnesota 1894
Midnight Syndicate - Minnesota 1894
Nur Eine Minute
Blackmore's Night - Nur Eine Minute
Fog on the Barrow
Elwing - Fog on the Barrow
Celtic Legend
Paul Spaeth - Celtic Legend
Follow the King
David McKenzie & Bill Hutchinson - Follow the King
Guillaume 'Spiky' MULLER / Enchanted Grounds (Part II)
Spiky - Guillaume 'Spiky' MULLER / Enchanted Grounds (Part II)
Lost Kingdom - Outro
Surcease of Sorrow (Excerpt)
GingerTom - Surcease of Sorrow (Excerpt)
Lights Out!
Paul Houseman - Lights Out!
The fall of Gilead
Epic Soul Factory - The fall of Gilead
Praeco - Nami
Once Upon a Nighttime (Dreams of Flight)
Denny Schneidemesser - Once Upon a Nighttime (Dreams of Flight)
The Gift Of Beauty (Emotional Drama)
Lionel Desmond Schmitt - The Gift Of Beauty (Emotional Drama)
Galadriel's Mirror
Averil 'Tincolindo' White - Galadriel's Mirror
Alt Und Kalt
Erang - Alt Und Kalt
Throne of Divinity
City of the Fallen - Throne of Divinity
Traveling Minstrels
Mattias Westlund - Traveling Minstrels
Chapter 3 : Seraphim
Everlasting Dream - Chapter 3 : Seraphim
Is There Anything Beyond?
Erdenstern - Is There Anything Beyond?
Relentless Barrage
Gareth Meek - Relentless Barrage
Night Escape
James Semple - Night Escape
Searock Castle
Ari Pulkkinen - Searock Castle
Journey in the Fog (Final Mix)
Marc Humpert - Journey in the Fog (Final Mix)
Astral Academy
Ari Pulkkinen - Astral Academy
Spider Riders
Jamie Christopherson - Spider Riders
The First Crusade
Cristiano Filippini - The First Crusade
No Turning Back
Gregory Bakay - No Turning Back
Die Schwarze Fäule
Erdenstern - Die Schwarze Fäule
Journey to the Underworld
Jon Adamich - Journey to the Underworld
Turbine, Inc. - Mirkwood
Titelnummer 5
Konstantine Kazantzis - Titelnummer 5
Titanium Sky (Excerpt)
Antti Martikainen - Titanium Sky (Excerpt)
Elric at the End of Time
Francisco Nogueiras - Elric at the End of Time
The Forest
Orkpack - The Forest
Edge of Darkness
Glorian - Edge of Darkness
Lady Of The Dark
Erdenstern - Lady Of The Dark
The Warlord
Sean Beeson - The Warlord
Wilbert Roget II - Atonement
The Third Akanshi Festival
Sovarozüm - The Third Akanshi Festival
Lotus Pool
Derek Fiechter - Lotus Pool
Beauty of the Battlefield (Reflexio)
Sovarozüm - Beauty of the Battlefield (Reflexio)
Lake of Serenity
Kirill Pokrovsky - Lake of Serenity
In the Presence of Presence
Andy Grall - In the Presence of Presence
The Hunt
Midnight Syndicate - The Hunt
Exciting Chase
Erdenstern - Exciting Chase
Battle Anthem
Dreamcatcher Interactive - Battle Anthem
Friends for Life
Allen Constantine - Friends for Life
The Eastern Gate
Julia Okrusko - The Eastern Gate
The Blood of Kings
The Fellowship - The Blood of Kings
Sad resolution
Everlasting Dream - Sad resolution
Ordo Inano
Za Frumi - Ordo Inano
Soriano - Explorando
Edge Of Phantasm
Gareth Meek - Edge Of Phantasm
Virtuoso (Excerpt)
Celtic Music World - Virtuoso (Excerpt)
Ater pa Arnas
Marcos Ciscar - Ater pa Arnas
Ocean Blue
Tony Gram - Ocean Blue
Bucht von Ardell
Orkpack - Bucht von Ardell
Darkness of Space
Tobias Alexander Ratka - Darkness of Space
Saith Nos Olau/Gryffyth Ap Cynan's Delight/Sospan Fach/Nydd Y Gwcw
Samantha Gillogly & Tim Maurice - Saith Nos Olau/Gryffyth Ap Cynan's Delight/Sospan Fach/Nydd Y Gwcw
Dog Sled
Erdenstern - Dog Sled
Prelude (feat. Lyric String Quartet)
Inon Zur - Prelude (feat. Lyric String Quartet)
Borislav Slavov, Victor Stoyanov - Venture.Fight.Explore
Erdenstern - Campfire
Rúnfell - Bloodmoon
Dark Wizard
Kirill Pokrovsky - Dark Wizard
Daydream Symphony
Karen Altman - Daydream Symphony
Orkpack - Blakharatz
At the Journey's End (Excerpt)
Antti Martikainen - At the Journey's End (Excerpt)
Secret Place
Balaghan - Secret Place
Ally of Light
Simon W. Autenrieth - Ally of Light
Mother Earth
Tony Gram - Mother Earth
Swift Wings
Vurpa - Swift Wings
Chulainn - Banished
Derek Fiechter - Troubadour
Celestial Aeon Project - Ultima
Omnimi - Nix
Let These Things Be (Excerpt)
Pal Zoltan Illes - Let These Things Be (Excerpt)
Stones and Trees
Kirill Pokrovsky - Stones and Trees