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Max 93.5 93.5 FM United States, Willits
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Max's Adult Rock & Roll is the definitive Classic Rock format with proven appeal to a wide audience ranging 35-75. There is nothing like it - no station positioned as "The Rock and Roll Station" is heard in Mendocino and Lake Counties. So Max will be keeping the original target audience and becoming the preferred alternative for many younger listeners. This is possible because many heritage artists like Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Rolling Stones, Eagles, Eric Clapton, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page and many others continue to release great music and are among the top touring artists of the world. So many people who were not radio listeners now have become highly loyal to MAX’s big name classic and adult rock repertoire. Many of these fans were just not reachable by advertisers before. About 60% can be expected to be men. And because there are so many songs in MAX’s library, the station gets tuned in for long hours in many business and work places. The sound is Music Intensive with few interruptions so MAX can deliver voiced commercial announcements with effectiveness and impact. Broadcasting from the highest peak in the area at 6,000 feet, MAX reaches a huge geographic service area and captures a highly mobile audience. Welcome to Max Rock!

  • Frequency: 93.5 FM
  • Slogan: The Greatest Rock & Roll Ever Made
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Address : 707-462-4389