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SLAY Radio is an internet-based radio station, transmitting from Gothenburg (Göteborg) in Sweden and relaying to several other relays. Normally, it automatically plays from its internal playlist of Commodore 64 remixes that have mainly come from R:K:O (Remix.Kwed.Org) and the commercial CDs at Members of the SLAY Radio website can also make requests from the playlist. On certain days of the week, usually starting at 20:00 CET (GMT+1) (but this time can change), there are also live shows, hosted by one or more broadcasters. The live shows have their own "feel" depending on the broadcaster(s) that are hosting the shows. They mainly still play tunes from R:K:O, but sometimes also play tunes that have been exclusively made for the show in question, for for SLAY Radio in general, or is a tune that the broadcaster(s) think are relevant to the "scene". Also, tunes that are not from the Commodore 64 can be played.

  • Slogan: Home of Commodore 64 remixes
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o2 - Delta
The Alibi (steady
Patrick Ceuppens - The Alibi (steady
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Ic3m4n - Streaming (Ic3m4n Edit)
Kramut (You disappeared)
Mordi - Kramut (You disappeared)
Krister Nielsen - Firelord