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Radio Charity 105.9 - 106.1 FM Lebanon, Beirut
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Christian radio was founded in 1984 by the Maronite Lebanese Missionaries who have run it ever since its inception. It is the leading Christian radio in the Middle East. It offers a broad variety of spiritual, biblical, liturgical, humanitarian, ecumenical, social, and cultural programs prepared and presented by bishops, priests, as well as religious and lay people from all Christian denominations from Lebanon and abroad.

  • Frequency: 105.9 - 106.1 FM
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أ. إدوار
أسرار الفرح (م) - أ. إدوار
جنفياف يونس
الدنيي دنيء - جنفياف يونس
مارينا جحا مرعب
اجراس العيد - مارينا جحا مرعب
شربل بطرس
فادي البرايا - شربل بطرس
جومانا يونس
غني يا سما - جومانا يونس