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KETO 93.9 FM Rocky Mountain Multicultural Community Radio is a community based organization whose purpose is to provide an educational, informational, and creative outlet for African-born people living in Denver County and Aurora Arapahoe County, Colorado. KETO’s mission is to promote effective communication through community uses of media and its objective is to enhance the quality of life for the African immigrants and refugee citizens of Denver and Aurora by offering community services, programming of local interest, and entertainment which is responsive to the needs and interests of the African immigrants and refugee’s service area, (including Aurora and Glendale) speak the following languages: English, Somali, Swahili, French, Amharic, Ethiopic, Ethiopian Languages, citym Addis Ababa, wust

  • Frequency: 93.9 FM
  • Slogan: Rocky Mountain Multicultural Community Radio KETO 93.9 FM
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Joorji Abbu
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Adnan Mohamed
39. Adnan Mohamed - Adnan Mohamed
Siin Yaadee New Ethiopian Oromo Music 2020
Addisu Furgasa - Siin Yaadee New Ethiopian Oromo Music 2020
Beekumaa Asheetuu
28. Beekumaa Asheetuu - Beekumaa Asheetuu
Hawwii H. Qananii
84. Hawwii H. Qananii - Hawwii H. Qananii
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