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dublab.de is the german branch of dublab.com and was launched in early 2017 to highlight the variety of quality music coming from Germany and around – past, present and future. We are based in Cologne with a network spanning all over Germany, and a trusted source for exploring exciting music off the beaten path. Our carefully curated radioshows, mixes and interviews are particularly highlighting obscure and overlooked genres while granting everyone who is playing on dublab.de total musical freedom. We take pride in featuring a genre bending music policy, and partner with likeminded record shops, labels and festivals.

  • Slogan: Future. Roots. Radio
Now playing
dublab x Pracht
Karl Rothe - dublab x Pracht
Guest DJ Set (January 2020)
Chris Farrell & Sam Hall - Guest DJ Set (January 2020)
dublab RadioLeaks 2015
Danny Breaks - dublab RadioLeaks 2015
April 2020
Creep Zone w/ James Pants & Marc Schaller - April 2020
Live From Home (Cologne) (April 2020)
Henning Ryssy - Live From Home (Cologne) (April 2020)
TOP tracks
dublab Popup Radio 2017
Yannick Needs - dublab Popup Radio 2017
May 2021
Guest Session w/ Fabio Fontanelli - May 2021
May 2021
Crew Love w/ Moritz M. - May 2021
Lab of Dub
Bruce - Lab of Dub