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Deep Radio Europe Bulgaria, Sofia
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Deep Radio Bulgaria, is a radio for electronic and dance music. The format of the radio is CHR-Rhythmic. With us you will hear only the best dance, pop, house performances for the past two decades. Deep Radio pays attention to and presents the latest dance singles from native DJs, such as singles and albums of leading DJs from the Netherlands, Belgium, Ukraine, Russia, Eastern Europe, UK and Australia. The program also includes news about upcoming parties in Bulgaria and Europe.

Now playing
Dancing Feet feat DNCE [4iZ9]
Kygo - Dancing Feet feat DNCE [4iZ9]
Momentismo absoluto Ellis Miah The Jagg Remix [4iZm]
Непознат - Momentismo absoluto Ellis Miah The Jagg Remix [4iZm]
Sweet Harmony [4j0o]
Chaël - Sweet Harmony [4j0o]
Run Away [4j11]
Real McCoy - Run Away [4j11]
Midnight Rapture [4iYq]
Anabel Englund - Midnight Rapture [4iYq]
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