Playlist Fantasy Italo Radio

I'm On Fire
Salico - I'm On Fire
M - Basic
Ray Connection
X - Ray Connection
Kano - Ikeya
Another Boy in Town (Extended)
2 Girls - Another Boy in Town (Extended)
Sayonara Robot
Andy Romano - Sayonara Robot
Run Away
Digital Emotion - Run Away
Get Ready
Blanc De Blanc - Get Ready
Lost In A Dream (Nick Mix)
Nick John - Lost In A Dream (Nick Mix)
Hopes & Dreams (Extended Dance Mix)
Albert One - Hopes & Dreams (Extended Dance Mix)
Face To Face Heart To Heart
The Twins - Face To Face Heart To Heart
Start That Feeling (Vocal Version)
Sugar Shake - Start That Feeling (Vocal Version)
Humanoid Invasion (Original Mix)
Laserdance - Humanoid Invasion (Original Mix)
I Don't Want To Talk About It
Hovoyds - I Don't Want To Talk About It
Sinderella (Original Version)
Betty Wright - Sinderella (Original Version)
I Want You
JD Jaber - I Want You
Your Body, Your Feeling (Vocal Version)
Toy For Boys - Your Body, Your Feeling (Vocal Version)
Forever And A Day
Superbowl - Forever And A Day
Nightlife Fashion (English Version)
De Rogue - Nightlife Fashion (English Version)
mathematic dance (Radical version)
Jerry & Co - mathematic dance (Radical version)
Looking For Love
Mauro Micheloni And F.M. Band - Looking For Love
True Love (Sexual Version)
N.O.I.A. - True Love (Sexual Version)
Don't Be Afraid (Vocal Version)
Some Bizarre - Don't Be Afraid (Vocal Version)
Money Runner
Scotch - Money Runner
Another Song
Music Service - Another Song
Give Me Your Heart
Ka Zan - Give Me Your Heart
Love In A Summer Night (Vocal Version)
Brand Image - Love In A Summer Night (Vocal Version)
Revolution (Mezza Edit)
Martinelli - Revolution (Mezza Edit)
(B) This Is The Time (D.J. Gabry Ponte Overmix)
Blyzart - (B) This Is The Time (D.J. Gabry Ponte Overmix)
Flying D.J. - Marilyn
Patrick Cowley - Tech
Flashlight On A Disconight
Rofo - Flashlight On A Disconight
Jingle - Synth
Night After Night (Special Long Drink Remix)
Joy - Night After Night (Special Long Drink Remix)
Baby Doll
Premio Nobel - Baby Doll
Memories Emotions
Steve Eden & Paul James - Memories Emotions
Baby Save Me
Just Lanky - Baby Save Me
Tell Me
Fabian_Nesti - Tell Me
Ok Challenger
Eminence - Ok Challenger
Ice Cold Love (Vocal Version)
Madigan - Ice Cold Love (Vocal Version)
Secret Life
Clock On Five - Secret Life
Don't Stop (Hi NRG Remix)
Paul Parker - Don't Stop (Hi NRG Remix)
Zeta - Eh
I Can Hear Your Voice
Hot Cold - I Can Hear Your Voice
Happy Children
P. Lion - Happy Children
No Rhyme, No Reason
Atelier Folie - No Rhyme, No Reason
Go! (Original Mix)
Tony Costa Feat. Charly Danone - Go! (Original Mix)
Love Is My Answer (New Silvi's Version)
Synergic Silence Feat. Fred Ventura - Love Is My Answer (New Silvi's Version)
Fantasy music station promo
Fantasy radio - Fantasy music station promo
Nord Est - Overnight
Ommadawn (Mike Oldfield)
23rd Underpass - Ommadawn (Mike Oldfield)
Hey Hey Guy
Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy
Dancing On My Own (Extended Version)
Nation In Blue - Dancing On My Own (Extended Version)
Steely Chuck Mc.Donald - Drean
Right (Remix)
Fake - Right (Remix)
Country Girl
Marco Martelli D.J. - Country Girl
I Love U (Extended Version)
Bimbha - I Love U (Extended Version)
Fool For Love (Vocal Version)
Matisse - Fool For Love (Vocal Version)
Turbo Diesel
Albert One - Turbo Diesel
Kiss The Sky (Italoconnnection Remix)
Peter Wilson - Kiss The Sky (Italoconnnection Remix)
Voice (In The Night) [Mezza Edit]
Martinelli - Voice (In The Night) [Mezza Edit]
Change Change (Extended)
Manuel Kerry - Change Change (Extended)
Night Girl (Vocal Club Mix)
Hugh Bullen - Night Girl (Vocal Club Mix)
Don't Hurt Me
Rene - Don't Hurt Me
I Cry For You (Toney DJs Extended Mix)
Shy Rose - I Cry For You (Toney DJs Extended Mix)
Bronx Invasion
Camaro's Gang - Bronx Invasion
Temptation Eyes (Re
Gino Soccio - Temptation Eyes (Re
One More Time
Max Coveri - One More Time
Sheila Stewart - Tonight
In Stereo (Jack's Remix)
Mark Spiro - In Stereo (Jack's Remix)
Kirlian Camera - Eclipse
You're An Illusion (Vocal)
Next - You're An Illusion (Vocal)
Take Your Time (Extended Mix)
Mike Freeman - Take Your Time (Extended Mix)
Down And Out
Dario Silver - Down And Out
Baila Bolero (Mezza Edit)
Fun Fun - Baila Bolero (Mezza Edit)
Closed - Jambole
Love Is Pain (Special Rambo Mix)
Curacao - Love Is Pain (Special Rambo Mix)
No Soul (Vocal Extended Version)
Off Limits - No Soul (Vocal Extended Version)
One More Mission
Quinn Martin - One More Mission
Day By Day
Max - Day By Day
Arctic Spring
Chris Van Buren - Arctic Spring
Vola (Mezza Edit)
Paul Sharada - Vola (Mezza Edit)
Burning Love
Cliff Turner - Burning Love
Born To Love (Disco Version)
Den Harrow - Born To Love (Disco Version)
May Day Love
Mr. Freaky - May Day Love
Tell Me
Vanelle - Tell Me
All Right Let's Go
Peter Jacques Band - All Right Let's Go
Passion Of Love
Carino Cat - Passion Of Love
In Your Eyes (Dance Version)
Reeds - In Your Eyes (Dance Version)
My Black Lady
Caesar - My Black Lady
Welcome To Rimini
Ric Fellini - Welcome To Rimini
Physical (Club Mix)
Primadonna - Physical (Club Mix)
One More Night
Paula Roberts - One More Night
Goin' Crazy
Mike Cannon - Goin' Crazy
It's Too Late
Simone - It's Too Late
Until The Morning
Italian Boys - Until The Morning
Win The Race
Amadeus Liszt - Win The Race
Come On (Dance Version)
Silvia - Come On (Dance Version)
Fockewulf 190 - Gitano
Edition 22
Revolution Mix Club - Edition 22
Come On
Jules Tropicana - Come On
Sensitive - Driving
Who's Your Boyfriend
Eric - Who's Your Boyfriend
Kings Of The Night
P. Lion - Kings Of The Night
Mirror Of My Soul
Christina M - Mirror Of My Soul
I'm In Love (Remix)
Joy - I'm In Love (Remix)
Day By Day (Vocal Version)
Modas' - Day By Day (Vocal Version)
Peter Jacques Band - Mexico
Crazy Lover
Anika - Crazy Lover
Roby Benvenuto - Gringo