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Lander Adam
Lander Adam
The goat needs to STOP promoting these UNPROVEN and NON FDA approved Vaccines!!. It is deplorable that they have become a propaganda machine!, and history will show the y were on the wrong side of freedom and human rights!.. The problem with the majority of people is that they learn AFTER the fact, the hard way!, regardless of the fact that the truth was available to them all along!, they simply had to take it upon themselves to look for it. Also a good majority of these people have always attacked those that tried to warn them. As the saying goes, if we do not look to history to learn from it, we are destined to repeat it!. The covid shot is NOT a vaccine!!. It is an unsafe never before done Gain of function, RNA altering bio jab that does NOT give antibodies, nor does it give immunity, it also does NOT stop you from getting or transmitting Covid!!. Think I'm wrong?, well then LOOK IT UP!!!. It's is merely 95% effective at reducing SYMPTOMS ONLY!!. Thousands have died from the shot already, and the death toll keeps climbing, there are cases of Bels palsy, severe anaphylaxis, allergic reactions/rashes, shedding of the spike protein harming people living with them, full body tremors that last 24/7, seizures, and more!!. Anyone willingly taking this dangerous bio jab is a FOOL!!. Several countries have banned a few of them already!. I will NEVER get one, nor will my family. We choose to the control group of this social health experiment!. They said the Vaccine study trial doesn't end until 2023!. We are being used as Guinea pigs!!....
January 22, 2022 at 07:58 am
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