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A1R Psychic Radio is unlike most of the metaphysical “radio stations” on the web. To be honest, many can be kind of shady. Some are even run by people who have barely stepped foot inside a real radio station & have never worked at one. We’ve even seen stations “associate themselves” with iconic events/establishments like The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, big broadcast companies, famous psychics/celebrities they don’t work with and even the Oscars, all to mislead light-workers into believing they have credibility they don’t have. We have even seen stations attempt to steal our identity. A psychic who is looking for a radio home has to be extremely careful nowadays.

  • Slogan: America's #1 Psychic Talk Radio Network
Address : 888-454-2751
Email: communications@radioprofile.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PsychicRadio