Playlist The Healing Rock

Recently played
Petra - Sight Unseen
AD - No Standing
Guardian - Loud N Clear
Larry Norman - Readers Digest
Kings X - Over My Head
Kerry Livgren - As It Should Be
Ken Tamplin - Believin Is The Hardest Part
Greg X Volz - Take Me To The End Of The World
Geoff Moore - Winds Of Change
DeGarmo & Key - Hand In Hand
Joshua - Hold On
Jeff Scheetz - Lime Green Leis
Allies - Island Song
Jag - Two Worlds Colide
Daniel Band - Rock You
Whiteheart - Light A Candle
Stryper - Calling on You
Petra - Secret Weapon
Halo - Skyrocket
Guardian - From Wrong To Right
Fireworks (Live 1980) -
Greg X Volz - Dream On (mix)
Geoff Moore - Where Are the Other Nine
DeGarmo & Key - Go Tell Them
Bloodgood - Seven (Live)
Jeff Scheetz - Kings Triumph
Allies - Come To The Family
Joshua - Heart Full Of Soul
Bryan Duncan - Whistlin In The Dark
Daniel Band - Rise Up
Whiteheart - His Heart Was Always In It
Larry Norman - Nightmare #71
Stryper - Reason For The Season
Idle Cure - Silent Hope
Phil Keaggy - Somebody Loves You
Petra - I Need To Hear From You
Halo - Sing Of His Glory
Guardian - Livin for the Promise
Kerry Livgren - Am Juengsten
Jerusalem - Dancing On the Head of the Serpent
Greg X Volz – You Still Got The Time -
Bloodgood - Shakin It
Jeff Scheetz - Impact
Allies - Carried Away
Ken Tamplin - All The Things You Are
Bryan Duncan - When I Think Of Home
Joshua - Back To The Rock
Whiteheart - Storyline
Jag - The Only World In Town
Idle Cure - Overdrive
In 3D - Please Dont
Jet Circus - Step On It
Petra - Hey World
AD - Portrait 2
Halo - Lose To Live
Greg X Volz - Standin
Darell Mansfield - Tokyo
Jerusalem - Risen
DeGarmo & Key - Casual Christian
Bloodgood - Never Be The Same
Jeff Scheetz - Dig
Greg X Volz – The Next Move Is Yours -
Bryan Duncan - All My Life
Jars Of Clay - Liquid (Live)
Prodigal - Sidewinder
Whiteheart - Nailed Down
Stryper - Loud `n` Clear
Idle Cure - From the Heart
Holy Soldier - Last Train
Phil Keaggy - Big Eraser
AD - One More Song
Halo - Lord Of All
Guardian - Time Stands Still
Darell Mansfield - Thunder And Lightning
DeGarmo & Key - Brother Against Brother (Its Not Right)
Jerusalem - City On Fire
Bloodgood - Out Of The Darkness
Big Tent Revival - What Would Jesus Do?
Greg X Volz – Someone Needing Someone -
Daniel Band - Power Of Love
Prodigal - Need Somebody to Love
Whiteheart - Messiah
Jeff Scheetz - Autum Air
Idle Cure - Feeling the Heart
Jars Of Clay - Flood (Live)
Jag - Hands Up In The Air
Phil Keaggy - Aint Got No
AD - New Kind Of Love
Halo - Jocobs Dream
Guardian - Time And Time Again
Darell Mansfield - Jesus Will Reign
Geoff Moore - Go To The Moon
Fireworks - Rescued (Live)
David Zaffiro - Through His Eyes
Big Tent Revival - Please Forgive Them
Allies - Last Chance Cafe
Bryan Duncan - Strong Medicine
Greg X Volz – Last Song -
Prodigal - Invisible Man
Greg X Volz – If You Come To Me -
Stryper - To Hell With The Devil (2013)
Idle Cure - Come Alive
Phil Keaggy - John The Revelator (EXTENDED STRAT MIX)
AD - Ill Follow You
David & The Giants - Love Wont Leave You Alone
Jars Of Clay - Crazy Times (Live)
Darell Mansfield - Bible Study
Guardian - Send A Message
DeGarmo & Key - Are You Ready
Geoff Moore - Calling Londontown
David Zaffiro - Let It Go
Bloodgood - All Stand Together
Bryan Duncan - Stand In My Place
Allies - Just Like A Father To Me
Daniel Band - Never Again
Whiteheart - Answer the Call
Fireworks - Ready For The Rest Of You (Live)
Stryper - Surrender (2013)
Idle Cure - Breakaway
Phil Keaggy - Your Love Broke Thru (acoustic 2011)
AD - Fathers And Sons
David & The Giants - Live And Learn
Halo - Good Feeling
Darell Mansfield - Heaven Southwestern
Greg X Volz - Course Of Time
Guardian - Power Of Love
Geoff Moore - A Place To Stand
Forerunner - Victory
Bloodgood - Top of the Mountain
Bryan Duncan - Recognize A Lover From A Theif
Allies - In My Life
Daniel Band - My Children
Prodigal - Hard Bargain
Whiteheart - A Love Calling
Stryper - Soldiers Under Command (2013)
Greg X Volz – Falling In Love With Me Again -
Phil Keaggy - What A Day (acoustic 2011)
Greg X Volz – Dont Look Back -
AD - Dont Pass Me By
David & The Giants - Im Still
Darell Mansfield - Flow Like A River
Greg X Volz - Back Burner
Glenn Kaiser - If I leave This World Tomorrow
DeGarmo & Key - Acoustic Medley (live from 1999)
Geoff Moore - The Vow
Forerunner - Jesus Is Savior
dc Talk - Supernatural
Bryan Duncan - Lies Upon Lies
Big Tent Revival - Love Me Like You Do
Allies - Feather In Your Cap
Prodigal - Fire With Fire
Whiteheart - Shes A Runaway
Stryper - Sing Along Song (2013)
Fireworks - Good Thing (Live)
Phil Keaggy - The True Believers (acoustic 2011)
Liaison – What In This World -
AD - Children In The Shadows
David & The Giants - Dream On
Darell Mansfield - Stand By Me
Degarmo & Key - Six, Six, Six (live)
Glenn Kaiser - Through The Night
Charlie Peacock - Nobodys Gonna Bring Me Down
The Healing Rock - The Healing Rock (dry)
Bloodgood - The Messiah (Live in Germany)
Bryan Duncan - Let Me Be Broken
dc Talk - Jesus Freak
David Zaffiro - Find My Way
Prodigal - Easy Street
Allies - Devoted To You
Sweet Comfort Band - Then I Remember
Stryper - Rock That Makes Me Roll (2013)
Phil Keaggy - Time
Petra - He Came, He Saw, He Conquered
Davis Zaffiro - I See Red
Liaison – Until We Are Home -
David & The Giants - Do You Love Your Neighbor
Darell Mansfield - People Get Ready
Crumbacher - Thunder Beach
Glenn Kaiser - Where Would I Be
Charlie Peacock - This Is How The Work Gets Done
Bloodgood - Seven
Bryan Duncan - Inside Out
Big Tent Revival - Live for You
Audio Adrenaline - Ocean Floor Radio (Rock)
Daniel Band - Lets Get Ready
David Zaffiro - Blue Ice
Whiteheart - Hotline
Stryper - Reach Out(2013)
Phil Keaggy - Love Broke Thru
Allies - Devil is a Liar
AD - The Fury
Liaison – This Is My Carry On -
Darell Mansfield - Million Dollar Feeling
Darrell Mansfield - Children Dont Run
Glenn Kaiser - Shufflin The Deck
Crumbacher Duke - Over & Over On & On
Charlie Peacock - The Way Of Love
Bryan Duncan - Faithful To You
Bloodgood - Out of the Darkness
Big Tent Revival - Star in the Book of Life
Daniel Band - In The Sky
Prodigal - UNDER THE GUN
Whiteheart - Heroes
Sweet Comfort Band - Something Else Is Going On Here
Phil Keaggy - Time (Live)
Barren Cross - Hard Lies
Allies - Surrender
AD - Progress
Mansfield,Howard And Kaiser - Stand By Me
Liaison – There Must Be Someone -
Glenn Kaiser - Spontaneous Combustion
Liaison – Live By Your Word -
Crumbacher Duke - No Kind Of Magic
David And The Giants - Youre Gonna Be Somebody
Creed - My Sacrifice
Charlie Peacock - Experience
Bjorn Stigsson - Its Alright
Audio Adrenaline - Were A Band
Daniel Band - I Like To Rock