Playlist The Healing Rock

Daniel Band - Never Gonna Die
Phil Keaggy - Your Love Broke Thru (acoustic 2011)
Petra - Back To The Rock (live 2012)
Chris Eaton - Dont You Underestimate My Love
Bryan Duncan - Darkness Is Falling
First Strike - Loneliness Kills
Sheila Walsh - Alpha Omega
Phil Keaggy Band - Take A Look Around
Imitators - Get A Little Bit Closer
Rick Cua - Hats Off To You
In 3D - Face To Face
DeGarmo & Key - You Cant Run From Thunder
Prodigal - Scene Of The Crime
Greg X Volz - Jesus Paid It All
David & The Giants - Superstar (Live)
Sweet Comfort Band - Perfect Timing
Stryper - Soldiers Under Command
Mylon - Crucible Of Love
Phil Keaggy - What A Day (acoustic 2011)
BattleCry - Not Tough Enough
Bryan Duncan - A Childs Love
Larry Norman - Stop This Fight
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