Playlist The Healing Wind

Recently played
Bethal Live - I Need You More (feat. Kim Walker)
One Thing Live - For Your Glory/Send the Winds - Jaye Thomas
Kristene DiMarco - Eyes on You (Live)
Winds Of Fire - Overshadow Me
Tim Reimherr - See Me Thru
Rita Springer - Holy Spirit Come
MorningStar - Prisoner
Leonard Jones - Burning Bush
Mark Kenney - To Him Who Sits On The Throne (live)
Steffany Gretzinger w Bill Johnson - Steffany Gretzinger. Reckless love. 2018 Prophetic Conference
IHOP - Draw Me After You
Nic and Rachel Billman - Shores Reprise
Rick Pino - Mighty Warrior
Misty Edwards - Lovesick
Steve Swanson - Light Belongs in the Darkness
Oil (Flood My Mind) [spontaneous] - Melissa Helser & Molly Skaggs
One Thing Live - Hymn (John 1) - Jaye Thomas
Heather Clark - I Am the Light
Winds Of Fire - Message In The Wind
Tim Reimherr - I Will See Your Glory
Rita Springer - He Reigns
MorningStar - Now Is The Time
Mark Kenney - Holy (2012) - Never Go Back (Reprise)
Leonard Jones - You Alone
Kim Clement - No Other Name
Kathi Wilson - Nothing Too Difficult
Jonathan David Helser - The Voice of A Generation
IHOP - I Knew What I was Getting Into
Nic and Rachel Billman - I Fall in Love/First Dance
Rick Pino - I Really Love You
Misty Edwards - Fling Wide
Steve Swanson - Friends of Sinners
What A Beautiful Name + Spontaneous Worship - Amanda Cook and Jeremy Riddle
One Thing Live - Famous - Jaye Thomas
Winds Of Fire - Out Of The Grave
Rita Springer - Fire Fall Down
Suzi Yaraei - Hes Alive
MorningStar - Love Never Fails
Mark Kenney - Enjoy The Presence (2012 Acoustic)
Kim Clement - Its So Amazing
Kathi Wilson - My Heart Overflows
Jesus Culture - All Consuming Fire
IHOP - Every Captive Free
Nic and Rachel Billman - I Could Run Away
Rick Pino - Heavens Song
Misty Edwards - Come As Close As You Want
Steve Swanson - Fly Like An Eagle
Kristene DiMarco - Be Still (Live)
Mark Kenney 030715 Mixed -
Heather Clark - A.S.K
Let Our Praises Rise (Spontaneous) - Brian Johnson and Jenn Johnson
Graham Cooke - Inheritance
Winds Of Fire - Holy Convocation
Winds of Fire - Dont Pass Us By
Tim Reimherr - I Cant Wait
KH - The Healing Wind ID
Leonard Jones - There Is A Time (long)
Kim Clement - Grace
Kathi Wilson - Mighty Rushing Breath of God
Jonathan David Helser - It Is Good
Jesus Culture - Alleluia (Live)
IHOP - Joyful, Joyful
Nic and Rachel Billman - Come Surround Me
Rick Pino - Generation Mandate
Misty Edwards - Resting Place
Steve Swanson - You Will Reign
Suzy Yaraei - Spontaneous Worship (Jan 2012)
Rita Springer - All I Need
Sarah Motlong - Draw Me Away
Ramp Worship Band - The Lords Generation
Ramp Worship Band - The Lords Generation
MorningStar - Give Them Up
Mark Kenney - Live Worship @ 2010 Passion & Fire
Leonard Jones - Revelation Song
Kathi Wilson - I Will Tremble
Jonathan David Helser - Intimacy
Jesus Culture - The Anthem (feat. Jake Hamilton)
IHOP - Hes Alive
Nic and Rachel Billman - Breathe
Rick Pino - Fragrance of Worship
Misty Edwards - Rend
Rita Springer - Holy Is Our King
Mark Kenney - Winds Of Worship (from 052310)
Ramp Worship Band - King Of Glory
Leonard Jones - Jesus
Jonathan David Helser - I Will Not Be Silent
Laura Hackett - Here with me now
Paula Bowers - One of Us
Patrick Curtin - Beauty Of Your Holiness
Nic and Rachel Billman - Alabaster Box
Rick Pino - Eyes of Zion
Misty Edwards - Soul Cry
MorningStar - Enlarge Your Tent
Kelanie Gloeckler - Awake O Sleeper
Kim Clement - Carry Me
Jesus Culture - Break Every Chain (feat. Kristene DiMarco)
Amber Brooks - When I See You (Heavenly Places) (live)
Molly Williams - Sacrifice (live)
Mark Kenney - Prophets Unveiled (Last Minute Live Mix)
Symon Hajjar - Dont Hide Your Face
Jonathan David Helser - God Of the Angel Armies
Leonard Jones - Even Our Faith
Laura Hackett - Give in to Me
Danny Chambers - Heavenly Lover
Adam Cates - Open Up The Door
Nic and Rachel Billman - Waves
Misty Edwards - Put Your Heart in Me
Steve Swanson - Somethings Shifting
Kim Walker Smith - Show Me Your Glory (live)
Kim Clement - Always The Same
Kathi Wilson - Fill My Cup
Jesus Culture - Revelation Song
Kevin Wright - Soul Meets Spirit
Mark Kenney - More Than Enough
Kevin Prosch - Fly Away
Jonathan David Helser - Never Giving Up
Merchant Band - Come And Let Your Presence (Live)
Leonard Jones - Crucified With Christ
Danny Chambers - Wonderful Maker
Nic and Rachel Billman - Vessel
Rick Pino - Water Into Wine
Misty Edwards - Psalm 150
Adam Cates - Enochs Walk
Steve Swanson - Peace Like a River
Matt Gilman - You Made A Way
Kim Walker Smith - Break Every Chain (live)
Kim Clement - Spirit Come (reprise)
Jesus Culture - Let It Rain
Kathi Wilson - Crossing Over
Kelanie Gloeckler - Resurrection Power
IHOP - Marriage Wine
Mark Kenney - Fill The House With Love
Jonathan David Helser - In The Middle
Luke Wood - John 1:1-3
Leonard Jones - Bless The Lord
Merchant Band - You Love Me Forever
Danny Chambers - Exclusively Yours
Rick Pino - The Undiscovered
Steve Swanson - Our God Lives
JoAnn McFatter - Messengers Of Fire
Kim Walker Smith - All I Need Is You
Jesus Culture - How He Loves
Kim Clement - I Am a Warrior
Kathi Wilson - Beautiful Glad Tidings
Kelanie Gloeckler - Let Go
IHOP - Closer
Josh Baldwin - Praises
Jonathan David Helser - I Have Risen
John Mark McMillan - Skeleton Bones
Jon Thurlow - Makes Me Want to Sing
Merchant Band - Wonderful Maker
Danny Chambers - My Hope
Nic and Rachel Billman - Sing Me Like a Song
Rick Pino - The Sound Of Heaven
Misty Edwards - You Set Your Love On Me
Steve Swanson - No Greater Love