Playlist Bob's SKA Radio

Grey Skies Over Collingwood
Strange Tenants - Grey Skies Over Collingwood
The Barrymores - Hearsay
Mario Bros Before Hoes
Matamoska! - Mario Bros Before Hoes
Daddy Issues
Stop The Presses - Daddy Issues
You love her
Pepper Pots, The - You love her
Every Little Thing
Pussycat Doghouse - Every Little Thing
We Shall Overcome
Toots And The Maytals - We Shall Overcome
Hey Little Rich Girl
Amy Winehouse - Hey Little Rich Girl
Head Up
Sugarshine - Head Up
All Day Every Day
The Long Johns - All Day Every Day
Rocket Ship
Don Drummond - Rocket Ship
Big Six
Judge Dread - Big Six
Secret Cajun Band - Buttsteak
I Need to Know
Goldfinger - I Need to Know
No Matter What You Say
The Planet Smashers - No Matter What You Say
Bowcat - Trainwreck
The Pandemics - Chelsea
Catch On Fire
Steady Legend - Catch On Fire
Come back
The Unduster - Come back
Not Personal
The Interrupters - Not Personal
Big Shot feat. Dennis Alcapone
The Dualers - Big Shot feat. Dennis Alcapone
007 (Shanty Town)
Desmond Dekker - 007 (Shanty Town)
Do Nothing (P)
The Specials - Do Nothing (P)
Man in the Corner shop
Ten Bob Notes - Man in the Corner shop
The Holophonics - Blister
Escape From Mount Olivedem
Doped Up Dollies - Escape From Mount Olivedem
The Bridge
I.S. - The Bridge
Can you feel it
Liptones - Can you feel it
Just Say Nay - Bouncer
Get Me Outta Debt
Heavy Manners - Get Me Outta Debt
Ska Heaven
Kingston Rudieska meets Dr Ring Ding - Ska Heaven
Better off Insane
Big D and the Kids Table - Better off Insane
Easy Life
The Bodysnatchers - Easy Life
jazz review
St. Petersburg ska - jazz review
Tighten Up
The Georgetown Orbits - Tighten Up
Smokin Hot
2 Tone Lizard Kings - Smokin Hot
Don't Start A Band
Reel Big Fish - Don't Start A Band
Britney's Pears
Agent Double O Zero - Britney's Pears
(This Is Your) Vasectomy
Johnny Socko - (This Is Your) Vasectomy
I Love Reggae
Dirty Revolution - I Love Reggae
Big House
Secret Cajun Band - Big House
30 Pieces Of Silver
Prince Buster - 30 Pieces Of Silver
Warm Your Bones
Simmertones - Warm Your Bones
Brand New Day
Yum! Yum! Orange - Brand New Day
I Need to Know
Goldfinger - I Need to Know
Vibramento - Cuando
Don't Mind Waiting
Pressure Cooker - Don't Mind Waiting
Ska Train To Dorkville
Hub City Stompers - Ska Train To Dorkville
Easy Come And Easy Go Away
The Fabulous Lolo Meets King Kong Girio - Easy Come And Easy Go Away
Today (feat. Bee)
The Rocksteady Conspiracy - Today (feat. Bee)
Chris Murray Combo - Anchor
I Know That Road
Carlos Dingo - I Know That Road
Natalie Wouldn't - Freebird
007 (Shanty Town)
Byron Lee & The Dragonaires - 007 (Shanty Town)
Coconut Stomp
Inspector - Coconut Stomp
DiscoBalls - Melody
Save Ferris-Come On Eileen
Save Ferris - Save Ferris-Come On Eileen
Nothin on my Mind
The Soulicitors - Nothin on my Mind
The Way I Roll
Mr. Wallace - The Way I Roll
Mama Was Right
One Night Band - Mama Was Right
Raise The Hell
Prague Ska Conspiracy - Raise The Hell
Blood And Fire
Crombies, The - Blood And Fire
Elixxxirs, The - 99%
Sunrise to Sunset
Edna's Goldfish - Sunrise to Sunset
The Shifters - Today
The Bull
The Liquidators - The Bull
Kent Lake
Skablins - Kent Lake
Just A Feeling
Bad Manners - Just A Feeling
Hot Lava
Bite Me Bambi - Hot Lava
The Boss is Stealing
Be Like Max - The Boss is Stealing
Liptones - Smile
Arm to Arm
Catch 22 - Arm to Arm
London (P)
Natalie Wouldn't - London (P)
Big Mistake
Secret Cajun Band - Big Mistake
The Train
Caz Gardiner & The Badasonics - The Train
The OzSkas - Hypocrisy
Lie To Me
Less Than Jake - Lie To Me
Blank Expression
The Specials - Blank Expression
One Night Band - Trigger
Aim High
The Planet Smashers - Aim High
Ooh Ooh Yeah Yeah
Kalles Kaviar - Ooh Ooh Yeah Yeah
Leaving Me Behind
Fundamentals - Leaving Me Behind
The Branlarians - Kung
Do The Ska
Ziggie Piggie - Do The Ska
One Time Soon
Simmertones - One Time Soon
Love for sale
Pepper Pots, The - Love for sale
A Date With Candy
The Georgetown Orbits - A Date With Candy
Salvador, Negro Amor
The Kinky Coo Coo's - Salvador, Negro Amor
The Show
Dan P. & The Bricks - The Show
One More
Los Furios - One More
Hub City Stompers - Skins_Don_t_Cry_
The Fire
Reel Big Fish - The Fire
Black Night
Bad Manners - Black Night
Just Too Young
The Meow Meows - Just Too Young
Call It Justice
The Offenders - Call It Justice
Joker Face - Summer
You're Wondering Now
Amy Winehouse - You're Wondering Now
Bluebeats, The - Leberation
Love Life
Alpheus - Love Life
Road Rage
Mark Foggo's Skasters - Road Rage
One Night
Inspector - One Night
D.O.T.S. (Dilated on the Stage)
Slowdough - D.O.T.S. (Dilated on the Stage)
Jeffries Fan Club - 12
I'm Afraid of Robots
RWPO - I'm Afraid of Robots
This Lonely Place
Goldfinger - This Lonely Place
Wise Man
Desmond Dekker - Wise Man
The Interrupters-Bad Guy
The Interrupters - The Interrupters-Bad Guy
Life is Too Short
Mustard Plug - Life is Too Short
Ska Almighty
Roy Ellis / Mr. Symarip - Ska Almighty
Space In My Life
Mystic Roots Band - Space In My Life
Wasting My Time
Dub City Rockers - Wasting My Time
Open And Honest
Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Open And Honest
Head on the Wall
Los Kakadots - Head on the Wall
Boss Beat
Leo & The Lineup - Boss Beat
Get Rude
The Holophonics - Get Rude
Ska Show
Forces Of Evil, The - Ska Show
Bite Me Bambi - Crazy
Dancing Mood
The Mighty Fishers - Dancing Mood
Dig The View
Ten Bob Notes - Dig The View
I Can't Wait
Hepcat - I Can't Wait
Can't Imagine
Kezita - Can't Imagine
Let Me Stay
Le Birrette - Let Me Stay
Let It Go
Mad Caddies - Let It Go
From The Window
Rebelution - From The Window
Hey You
Mr. Wallace - Hey You
Ding & The Senior All
Dr. Ring - Ding & The Senior All
Moving On
The Sentiments - Moving On
Up To No Good
Rancid - Up To No Good
Johnny Ketty
Drvored - Johnny Ketty
A Little Something Refreshing
No Doubt - A Little Something Refreshing
Rudeboy Vs. Dudeman
Skatomatics, The - Rudeboy Vs. Dudeman
Lyin Eyes
Half Past Two - Lyin Eyes
Skablins - Astrophyics
What a Shame
The Longshots - What a Shame
Prague Ska Conspiracy - Brainless
Musically On Top
Aggrolites, The - Musically On Top
Big Spender
The Robustos - Big Spender
T.I.n' .A. To Ska
The Busters - T.I.n' .A. To Ska
Take me back
The Northwest Sons - Take me back
Bad Manners - Happiness
Voodoo Man
Kalles Kaviar - Voodoo Man
It Only Takes Time
The Heat Machine - It Only Takes Time
Bad Trip
Firebug - Bad Trip
Moj nr 2
Vespa - Moj nr 2
Reel Big Fish-Story of My Life
Reel Big Fish - Reel Big Fish-Story of My Life
I Don't Know (mono mix)
The Kingpins - I Don't Know (mono mix)
Nice Like Rice
Jackie Mendez With Thee Hurricanes - Nice Like Rice
The Lady Is A Tramp
Baked A La Ska - The Lady Is A Tramp
Know Your RIghts (Clash)
Lynval Golding And Contra Coup - Know Your RIghts (Clash)
Metro Stylee - Destroy
Unlimiters, The - Burning
Land Mine
Krista D - Land Mine
The Beat
The Toasters - The Beat
Another Drink
The Taj Motel Trio - Another Drink
Fortune Teller
Debonaires - Fortune Teller
Love Can Be
The Steady 45s - Love Can Be
Run Up and Down
Marcia Griffiths - Run Up and Down
Bumpin Uglies - Suitcase
Last Words This Morning (P)
The Bruce Lee Band - Last Words This Morning (P)
Wicked Rebel
Slightly Stoopid - Wicked Rebel
The Skapitanos - somebody
A Pretty Sad Excuse
Mighty Mighty Bosstones - A Pretty Sad Excuse
From The Hip
King Hammond - From The Hip
The Far East - Arena
Rythm & Light
Aggrolites, The - Rythm & Light
Get Up Edina
Desmond Dekker - Get Up Edina
Call It Justice
The Offenders - Call It Justice
I Dare You to Break My Heart
Reel Big Fish - I Dare You to Break My Heart
Bob's Ska Radio - EndCovered
Talking In Your Sleep
Rude Boy George - Talking In Your Sleep
Dead Man's Party
Stop the Presses - Dead Man's Party
The Power of Love (Huey Lewis)
Llama Tsunami - The Power of Love (Huey Lewis)
Get Smart
Melbourne Ska Orchestra - Get Smart
Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones)
Redska - Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones)
Castle On The Hill
The Holophonics - Castle On The Hill
Lonesome Track (Bob Marley)
Regatta 69 - Lonesome Track (Bob Marley)
AM (Tony Sly)
Mad Caddies - AM (Tony Sly)
Phoenix City All - stars
Grooving Out Of Life
Roy Ellis / Mr. Symarip - Grooving Out Of Life
A Message To You Rudy
The Specials - A Message To You Rudy
Way Back
Reel Big Fish - Way Back
Conspiracy (1992 - 1998)
Buck - O
Let's Be Friends
Suburban Legends - Let's Be Friends
Ain't No Good Time
Tim Timebomb - Ain't No Good Time
Broken Promise
Left Alone - Broken Promise
Prague Ska Conspiracy - Brainless
Ready Or Not
Starpool - Ready Or Not
You're Wondering Now
The Skatalites - You're Wondering Now
Would You Be Mine?
Franceska - Would You Be Mine?
Ain't No More (Waiting Around)
The Sensibles - Ain't No More (Waiting Around)
Bring Your Love To Me
Simmertones - Bring Your Love To Me
Chris Murray - Home
Enjoy Yourself
Prince Buster - Enjoy Yourself
A Go
Inspector - A Go
Skatalites - Exodus
Cool Down Your Temper
King Hammond - Cool Down Your Temper
Feel That Rhythm
Valuables, The - Feel That Rhythm
Bumpin Uglies - Stories
Anything and Everything
The Bakesys - Anything and Everything
Monkey Man
The Specials - Monkey Man
I Love / You Suck
Reel Big Fish - I Love / You Suck
Trapped In A Box
No Doubt - Trapped In A Box
Rude Zombie - Bernard
History Book Version
The Toasters - History Book Version
Vete ya
Overlines - Vete ya
Batam OrcheSka, Feedback - Selfish
The Big Badoof
The Selecter - The Big Badoof
Madness-Baggy Trousers
Madness - Madness-Baggy Trousers
Plaid Skirts
What's Your Problem Brian - Plaid Skirts
Cradle To The Grave
The Skapones - Cradle To The Grave
Reggae Got Soul (feat Ken Boot
Toots & The Maytals - Reggae Got Soul (feat Ken Boot
Jimmy Jack
Aggrolites, The - Jimmy Jack
Top 5 (P)
Lo & The Magnetics - Top 5 (P)
This Cruel World
Bluebeats, The - This Cruel World
English Beat, The - Jackpot
I'm In Love
Liptones - I'm In Love
Crashing Down
Busters Ghost - Crashing Down
Spoiled Brat
Isaac Green And The Skalars - Spoiled Brat
Too Far Too Late
The Georgetown Orbits - Too Far Too Late
Hitchin a Ride
Monkey - Hitchin a Ride
Jah Laundramat
Bim Skala Bim - Jah Laundramat
Tongue Tied
Ragtag Romantics - Tongue Tied
Buck - O
Unlimiters, The - Madhouse
Love You When You Leave
Eric Daino - Love You When You Leave
The Interrupters-She's Kerosene
The Interrupters - The Interrupters-She's Kerosene
Lodi (CCR)
Deals Gone Bad - Lodi (CCR)
GOEIEMIDDAG! - Bijensterfte
Ska Robot Army
Aquabats - Ska Robot Army
The Fist Is On Me
Bluebeats, The - The Fist Is On Me
These Days
The Northwest Sons - These Days
Green Room Rockers - Conqueror
The Toasters - 2
Jokerface - Trippin'
Treat Me Good
The Slackers - Treat Me Good
Mr. Boss Man
Voodoo Glow Skulls - Mr. Boss Man
Young Boy
The OLDTONES - Young Boy
Old Routine
Thirteen Towers - Old Routine
Feel Like Jumping
Bad Manners - Feel Like Jumping
Hold Me Down
King Apparatus - Hold Me Down
Lyin Eyes
Half Past Two - Lyin Eyes
What A Complex
Aggrolites, The - What A Complex
Your Addiction
Papafish - Your Addiction
Enjoy Yourself
Prince Buster - Enjoy Yourself
Morning After
Bumpin Uglies - Morning After
Wheres Daves Big Key
Dr. Octopus - Wheres Daves Big Key
Cleansing Sound
2000 Tons of TNT - Cleansing Sound
Facety Rudie
Alpheus - Facety Rudie