2RPH 100.5 FM Australia, Newcastle
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The initials RPH in our call sign stand for Radio for the Print Handicapped of NSW. We are a special purpose radio station, with more than half our funding supplied by Government sources. We have memberships, fund raising and sponsorships. There’s no other radio station quite like an RPH station! 2RPH provides a radio reading service for people who cannot see, handle or understand printed material. We do so in one way or another for 17 hours a day. That’s the sole reason we’re here.

  • Frequency: 100.5 FM
  • Slogan: Sydney's Radio Reading Service
2RPH Frequencies
Address : 7/184 Glebe Point Road, Glebe NSW 2037 Australia(02) 9518 8811
Email: 2rph@2rph.org.au