Playlist Punkrockers Radio

The Process
Get Dead - The Process
Love Is A Punk
The Devil In Miss Jones - Love Is A Punk
Knud Voss - Unterbau
Tell The Boys
Lion's Law - Tell The Boys
Oi! Oi! Oi!
No Man's Land - Oi! Oi! Oi!
Bauen Verkaufen
Alternative Fakten - Bauen Verkaufen
Zur Rechten Zeit Am Falschen Ort
Popperklopper - Zur Rechten Zeit Am Falschen Ort
In Tits We Trust
Richies - In Tits We Trust
Lose Control
The Lawrence Army - Lose Control
Don't Eat All The Humans, Please! - ZWM
The Werewolf Of Fever Swamp
The Decline - The Werewolf Of Fever Swamp
Gruppe 80 - Bonuspoponus
Our Pack
Rude Pride - Our Pack
Great Escapes - Retry
Storm And Sea
Sick Leave - Storm And Sea
Apocalypse Whenever
Captain Asshole - Apocalypse Whenever
You've Been Fooled Again
Slow Faction - You've Been Fooled Again
Insel Freiheit
Fahnenflucht - Insel Freiheit
Man & Izobel Garcia
Reverend Beat - Man & Izobel Garcia
Ty Segall - Skin
Lucky Horse
Movie Star Junkies - Lucky Horse
Green Paint
Shoreline - Green Paint
Ellesmere - Mooks
Time Has Come
The Complicators - Time Has Come
Frontex Kills
Angerboys - Frontex Kills
Children Of The Sun
Neat Mentals - Children Of The Sun
Not Punk Enough
Drool Brothers - Not Punk Enough
Nuevo Mundo
Bastard Radio - Nuevo Mundo
Song No. 1
Skaquadrat - Song No. 1
Rotten Tomatoes - Chaos
The Bastard's Way
Far From Finished - The Bastard's Way
The Dangermen - Instigators
Teenage Heart
Alkaline Trio - Teenage Heart
True Or False
Chipsum Gravy - True Or False
Mumbly Peg
Subsonics - Mumbly Peg
Tage Ohne Sonne
Captain Capgras - Tage Ohne Sonne
Manspreading On The Metro
Louis Lingg and the Bombs - Manspreading On The Metro
Subway Pink
Subsonics - Subway Pink
Sniper 66 - Firecracker
The Evil O'Brians - Diamond
Markham City Limits
Gab De La Vega - Markham City Limits
Keep Me Where You Are
The Speakeasy - Keep Me Where You Are
Ballad Of A Big Head
Duncan Reid And The Big Heads - Ballad Of A Big Head
Dave Lizewski
Captain Asshole - Dave Lizewski
Wax Wings
Generation Exit - Wax Wings
Travels & Trunks - Radio
Not Found Behind A Gun
The Duel - Not Found Behind A Gun
Padded Cell
Silicone Prairie - Padded Cell
7 Years Bad Luck - Curveball
Schleim - Keim
Fucked Up Minds
Fucked Up Minds - Fucked Up Minds
Heckler Und Koch
Fun Total - Heckler Und Koch
6'10 - Protest
La Virgen - Chinos
Left Out Of Mind
DeeCracks - Left Out Of Mind
Kaput Krauts - Bekennerschreiben
Devil I Know
The Beta 58's - Devil I Know
Mean Jeans - Diagnosis
Another Day
Black Sheep - Another Day
El Dorado
Samiam - El Dorado
D.O.C. (live)
Spike Polite And Sewage - D.O.C. (live)
Time Wasted
Saturday's Heroes - Time Wasted
Learn From My Mistakes
The Sensitives - Learn From My Mistakes
Despite All This
Cock Sparrer - Despite All This
Spezies 5618
Barny Army - Spezies 5618
Es Tropft
Zelle B - Es Tropft
Danza Dellautunno Rosa
Talco Maskerade - Danza Dellautunno Rosa
103m uNN
Knut Voss - 103m uNN
Amsterdam Conversations
Boysetsfire - Amsterdam Conversations
Boomerang Rapido - Ballin
Heaven and Hell
Pipes and Pints - Heaven and Hell
Jelly Brains - Reflexe
The Leap
Paper Bag - The Leap
Les Dalton
King Automatic - Les Dalton
Notbremse - Flashback
Shiver And Shake
Th' Losin Streaks - Shiver And Shake
Bones for Company
Snuff - Bones for Company
The Evil O'Brians - Misunderstood
Screaming For A Change
The Iron Roses - Screaming For A Change
Moron's Morons - Wonderlust
Ok Ciao (feat. Poebel MC)
The Toten Crackhuren Im Kofferraum - Ok Ciao (feat. Poebel MC)
L'appel Du Vide - Aufmerksamkeit
Blur The Lines
Los Pepes - Blur The Lines
Staatspunkrott - Eis
Future Revolation
The Duel (Camden Town, London, UK) - Future Revolation
Deep Thought Non Stop
Smacked - Deep Thought Non Stop
Der Bungsleiter
Ugly Hurons - Der Bungsleiter
Children Get Ready
Snuff - Children Get Ready
Im Sommer
Hammerhead - Im Sommer
Herzblut - Jamel
I'll Forget You
7 Years Bad Luck - I'll Forget You
Seduce Me
Jadeapes - Seduce Me
The Ballad Of Sally A.
Nguru - The Ballad Of Sally A.
CPC BangBangs feat. A - Claude
Took Too Much
Mean Jeans - Took Too Much
Ehrenmord - Zack
Batteries Release
Margate - Batteries Release
Those Days
The Chisel - Those Days
Capitalism Stole My Virginity
The (International) Noise Conspiracy - Capitalism Stole My Virginity
Voodoo Eye
The Witchdoktors - Voodoo Eye
Er Hat Sich Entwickelt
Barny Army - Er Hat Sich Entwickelt
She Hates The City
Stage Bottles - She Hates The City
How Much Was The T
Goober Patrol - How Much Was The T
Rubber City Rebels(live)
Rubber City Rebels - Rubber City Rebels(live)
Nordwand - Glory
Stand your Ground
Ticking Bombs - Stand your Ground
Wasei - Trusted
Coyote Man
The Back Pages - Coyote Man
Poor And Weird (7" Version)
The Briefs - Poor And Weird (7" Version)
We Are Punks
The Vageenas - We Are Punks
Into The Vortex
The Turbo A.C.s - Into The Vortex
Berlin Blackouts - R.M.A.
Station 30
100 Kilo Herz - Station 30
Silver Bullet
The Briefs - Silver Bullet
The Turbo A.C.s - Anna
This Is England
Red London - This Is England
Don't Touch My Head
The Rumkicks - Don't Touch My Head
Tomorrow Belongs To Us
The Casualties - Tomorrow Belongs To Us
Pisse - Biertitten
Frieda Und Die Bomben
Turbostaat - Frieda Und Die Bomben
Keine Freundin
Pisse - Keine Freundin
I Am The Walrus
The Punkles - I Am The Walrus
Live Like Yer Dyin
The Drowns - Live Like Yer Dyin
I'm useless
Cheap Thrills - I'm useless
Terremoto - Croatia
Plan Honolulu
Manges - Plan Honolulu
Ordinary Me
Your Inner Durden - Ordinary Me
Dry Mouth
Mudfight - Dry Mouth
Ray Daytona & The Googoobombos - Psilocybe
Cheat Death
NOFNOG - Cheat Death
S.O.R.B. - ES
Stupid people
Knattertones - Stupid people
The Red Lite District - Dizzy
Declaration Of In
Your Inner Durden - Declaration Of In
Brucia Il Copertone
Zona Popolare - Brucia Il Copertone
Brainless Network - Battlefield
Antifa Hooligan
The Opressed - Antifa Hooligan
Physikalisches Intro
Die Kassierer - Physikalisches Intro
Fast And Loud
Yee Loi - Fast And Loud
Monotonie Und Alltag
Schwindel - Monotonie Und Alltag
The Riptide Rats - Breaker
Ode an die Theke
Volker Putt - Ode an die Theke
Flavour Of The Week
Vulture Club - Flavour Of The Week
Station 30
100 Kilo Herz - Station 30
Molly Punch - Prototype
Ich Schaue Durch Ein Loch Hindurch
Berlin Diskret - Ich Schaue Durch Ein Loch Hindurch
Trouble Gun
Deathjocks - Trouble Gun
Knud Voss - Budenzauber
1 Trillion Dollars
Flag - 1 Trillion Dollars
I'm Not the One
New Found Glory - I'm Not the One
2nd District
2nd District - 2nd District
I Don't Wanna Go Now
Psychotic Youth - I Don't Wanna Go Now
King Of The Scene
The Myers - King Of The Scene
Bring Out Your Dead
Strung Out - Bring Out Your Dead
Pull The Trigger
Pmx - Pull The Trigger
Rocket Full Of Happiness
Dumb Bats - Rocket Full Of Happiness
The Architect
Belvedere - The Architect
Meet Me
Alkaline Trio - Meet Me
Hating You
Kill The President - Hating You
Terror - Unashamed
I Don't Matter At All
Pkew Pkew Pkew - I Don't Matter At All
Like The Angel
Rise Against - Like The Angel
Darker Side
Drunktank - Darker Side
Millwall Brick, Glasgow Kiss
Riskee & The Ridicule - Millwall Brick, Glasgow Kiss
Dankeschatz - Hallo
Away Drinkin'
Bike Age - Away Drinkin'
Pick Your Poison
Bridge City Sinners - Pick Your Poison
Ice Man Left a Trail
A Wilhelm Sream - Ice Man Left a Trail
Desap (Desaparecidos)
The Republicats - Desap (Desaparecidos)
Abbruch - Nachfrage
Angst Vor Pogo
Blanker Hohn - Angst Vor Pogo
Nonstop Stereo - prosit
Broadway (Acoustic)
Ann Beretta - Broadway (Acoustic)
Heroin Addict's Beach Party
Subsonics - Heroin Addict's Beach Party
We'll Never Make It To The Bronze
Maladroit - We'll Never Make It To The Bronze
Langer Weg
Ahnungslos - Langer Weg
Waste My Time With You
Pedestrian Strike - Waste My Time With You
Mein Affe
Praxis Dr. Shipke - Mein Affe
Schon Wieder
Begbie Boys - Schon Wieder
Rebel Soul Sound
The Iron Roses - Rebel Soul Sound
I Repeat Myself
Duchess Says - I Repeat Myself
Street Manners
The Ratchets - Street Manners
Mystery River
Wayne ... Lost Soul - Mystery River
Sunday Sadness
Skin Of Tears - Sunday Sadness
Charabanc (acoustic)
Snuff - Charabanc (acoustic)
Gotta Cold Feeling
Dez Dare - Gotta Cold Feeling
Someone To Believe In
Brunt Of It - Someone To Believe In
Glitter Thugs
Smooch - Glitter Thugs
Just The Way She Goes
The Drowns - Just The Way She Goes
Broken Down
Broken Down - Broken Down
The City
Hunting Lions - The City
Where To Hide
sabotagerecords - Where To Hide
No Such Animal
Subsonics - No Such Animal
The Chisel - Tomorrow
Bier Auf
Sinnfrei - Bier Auf
Der Zukunft Zugewandt
Hammerhead - Der Zukunft Zugewandt
112 Days
Three Minute Record - 112 Days
Dirty Mic
Dallax - Dirty Mic
Nackt im Spind
Ninamarie - Nackt im Spind
1. April Im El Kaida Hauptquartier
Schrappmesser - 1. April Im El Kaida Hauptquartier
Sunday Morning
Jaya The Cat - Sunday Morning
Snuff - Booster
Oiro - Handgranate
No Weaknesses
The Dirty Nil - No Weaknesses
Alles was ich kann
Borrachos - Alles was ich kann
Oh Yeah, Motorcycle
Tim Loud And The Psychotronic Men - Oh Yeah, Motorcycle
Go Toxic Avenger
Maladroit - Go Toxic Avenger
Can't Compare
Black Sheep - Can't Compare
Nycklar Och Las
Lastkaj 14 - Nycklar Och Las
I Want To Die
Johnny Moped - I Want To Die
Insulted By Germans (Again)
NOFX - Insulted By Germans (Again)
Move On
Blowfuse - Move On
Mach's Gut
ZSK - Mach's Gut
Que Paso
S.E.R. - Que Paso
Dorn Shamrock - Birthdays
I Am The Walrus
The Punkles - I Am The Walrus
No Puede Ser
Demenzia Kolektiva - No Puede Ser
Funeral For A Friend - Donny
Divides By Zero
Epic XVIII - Divides By Zero
In Memory Of Final
Los Patotes - In Memory Of Final
Twopointeight - Cannibal
Brightest Hour
Bitter - Brightest Hour
Herr Meier
ENGST - Herr Meier
Man & Izobel Garcia
Reverend Beat - Man & Izobel Garcia
Cast A Spell On Me
The Mugwumps - Cast A Spell On Me
La Frontera
Nowherebound - La Frontera
If You Need A Reminder
Modern Saints - If You Need A Reminder
Ich Hasse Die Welt Und Ich Sag Dir Nicht Warum
Alles Wegen Lilly - Ich Hasse Die Welt Und Ich Sag Dir Nicht Warum
They Came For Me
The Kirkz - They Came For Me
Thick And Thin
H2O - Thick And Thin
L'appel Du Vide - Verbrennen
Junge Frau Zum Mitreisen Gesucht
Dritte Wahl - Junge Frau Zum Mitreisen Gesucht
The Easy Life
Thin Ice - The Easy Life
The Slowest Drink At The Saddest Bar On The Snowiest Day In The Greatest City
The Lawrence Arms - The Slowest Drink At The Saddest Bar On The Snowiest Day In The Greatest City
Damage Control
The High Times - Damage Control
Love Me Do
The Duel - Love Me Do
Z3r0s 0n3s
Clowns - Z3r0s 0n3s
Gute Alte Zeit
Tanzig - Gute Alte Zeit
L'appel Du Vide - Warteschleife
Bury Me At The Rodeo
The Dirty Nil - Bury Me At The Rodeo
Soulscraper - Soulfight
5 Millionen
Glue Crew - 5 Millionen
Blue Eyed Devils
Crude SS - Blue Eyed Devils
Heterosexual Superstar
The Dangermen - Heterosexual Superstar
Brunt Of It - Soility
My Opinion Is, I Hate It
Western Addiction - My Opinion Is, I Hate It
Home Alone
Jamie Clarke's Perfect - Home Alone
Hasta La Vista
Lustfinger - Hasta La Vista
Me And You
Black Sheep - Me And You
Stoner Song
Gordon Shumway - Stoner Song
Thank God I'm An Atheist
Menace - Thank God I'm An Atheist
Massendefekt - Pferdekotzen
Leavin  Me Hangin
The Electric Mess - Leavin Me Hangin
Times Of Trouble
Guns On The Run - Times Of Trouble
Flaschenpost [Grizou
Leistungsgruppe Maulich - Flaschenpost [Grizou
Arrested Denial - Heimathafen
The Forum Walters - Alone
Chambre Froide
Mal Aux Yeux - Chambre Froide
Falling Down
Fucked Up Minds - Falling Down
Ich Danke Dir
Bums - Ich Danke Dir
Vento Addosso
Meat For Dogs - Vento Addosso
On Strike
The Feelgood McLouds - On Strike
Fingers Like Saturn - Heaven
An Arm and a Leg to Kilnsey Crag (acoustic)
Snuff - An Arm and a Leg to Kilnsey Crag (acoustic)
Abbruch - Marie
Born Into This
Los Pepes - Born Into This
Die Bombe
Loser Youth - Die Bombe
Like A Motorcycle - Hands
Let's Put It This Way
Palmchat Feat. Dennis Fries - Let's Put It This Way
Silvia's Mother
The Cribbs - Silvia's Mother
Impertinencia Social
S.E.R. - Impertinencia Social
Nukula - Eis
Fluffy Machine - Feeling
Splash On You
The Duel - Splash On You
Singing With The Beach Boys
Duncan Reid & The Big Heads - Singing With The Beach Boys
Wizo - Earlybird
Justify The Lies
The Iron Roses - Justify The Lies
Artificial Age
Straightline - Artificial Age
I Don't Care
Dead Shepherd - I Don't Care
Nordwand - DSDS
Pisse - Biertitten
Man Overboard - Splinter
No Justice
Topper - No Justice
Do We Need A Sign
Abraskadabra - Do We Need A Sign
People Know
Love Supreme - People Know
Elizabeth Arcade (circa 1992)
The Dangermen - Elizabeth Arcade (circa 1992)
Talking 'bout My Generation
Oiro - Talking 'bout My Generation
Just Then
Dead Years - Just Then
Cokie the Clown
NOFX - Cokie the Clown
Los Ladrones
Las Ratapunks - Los Ladrones
Blue Ice
Eight Feet Fine - Blue Ice
Bicahunas - Weltfremd
Neue Nachbarn
Conny Chaos & Die Retortenkinder - Neue Nachbarn
I Want Them To Survive
The Dangermen - I Want Them To Survive
All Aboard - Rebels
Wir Leben Nur Einmal
Abbruch - Wir Leben Nur Einmal
Mary's Kids - Outsider
Signs Of Spring
The Speakeasy - Signs Of Spring
Find Her
Keith Poppin - Find Her
Discord & Treachery
Fullcount - Discord & Treachery
Late Last Night
The Lombego Surfers - Late Last Night
Jump Ship
At Both Ends - Jump Ship
The Difference
Ghouls - The Difference
See It To Believe It
Transplants - See It To Believe It
Without Caffeine
Candy Hearts - Without Caffeine
Tu Vida Se Acaba Un Minuto A La Ves
Turbo A.C.'s - Tu Vida Se Acaba Un Minuto A La Ves
Tempers Flare
Brigata Vendetta - Tempers Flare
Cathartic Entertainment
USA Nails - Cathartic Entertainment
The Resignators - Rabbithole
Big Bad Wolf
The Evil O'Brians - Big Bad Wolf
Neuf Volts - Tristesse
Man & Izobel Garcia
Reverend Beat - Man & Izobel Garcia