Playlist Hirschmilch Radio Progressive

See The Connection (Original Mix)
Protoactive - See The Connection (Original Mix)
Soul Control (Atomiculture Remix)
Fatali - Soul Control (Atomiculture Remix)
Display - Seed
Space Patrol 135 (Octagon Remix)
Echotek - Space Patrol 135 (Octagon Remix)
Long Story Short
Phaxe & Morten Granau - Long Story Short
Original Ink
Decoy - Original Ink
Juan From Colombia
Ticon - Juan From Colombia
In My Head
Bitmonx vs Fabio - In My Head
Frank Brook - Daywalker
High Definition
Midimal - High Definition
Abolish The Communist Party (Original Mix)
Michal Poliak - Abolish The Communist Party (Original Mix)
Presence (Motion Drive Remix)
Ace Ventura - Presence (Motion Drive Remix)
Orange (Interactive Noise Remix)
Symphonix - Orange (Interactive Noise Remix)
Flegma & Nerso - Altitude
Presence (Shadow Fx vs Interpulse Remix)
Ace Ventura - Presence (Shadow Fx vs Interpulse Remix)
Medusa (Original Mix)
Behind Blue Eyes, Phaxe - Medusa (Original Mix)
Love Triangle
Funky Dragon - Love Triangle
Active Power
Shyisma - Active Power
Rumtreiber (Original Mix)
Native Radio - Rumtreiber (Original Mix)
My Strange Extremities (Tacit Remix)
Erotic Dream - My Strange Extremities (Tacit Remix)
Deep Devil
Midimal - Deep Devil
Nok vs Ritmo - Multistop
Kaempfer & Dietze - Waiting
Fatali - Thoughts
Scending Soul (Ovnimoon Remix)
Sunstryk - Scending Soul (Ovnimoon Remix)
Brief Encounter
Pop Art & Kopel - Brief Encounter
The Key
Moontales - The Key
Art Off
A. Balter - Art Off
Re Entry (Emotive Remix)
Aerospace - Re Entry (Emotive Remix)
Multiphase & Mindwave - Awareness
Midimal - Contact
MDMA Experience
Kristallklar - MDMA Experience
Light Source
Elegy And Suduaya - Light Source
Spacelord (Zyce Remix)
Vaishiyas - Spacelord (Zyce Remix)
Space Travel
Martin Vice, Michael Banel & Silent Sphere - Space Travel
Interaktiver (Original Mix)
Ix Lam At - Interaktiver (Original Mix)
Limited Space
Crystal Sense - Limited Space
Heart Of Stone
Norma Project - Heart Of Stone
A World Around Us
Badbug - A World Around Us
Genesis (Flegma & Nerso Remix)
Ace Ventura - Genesis (Flegma & Nerso Remix)
M.a.r.s (Gaudium Remix)
Ace Ventura - M.a.r.s (Gaudium Remix)
Peter Gun vs Taucher - Dampfmaschine
Birds Must Be Heard
Hi Profil - Birds Must Be Heard
Long Life Forest
Alwoods - Long Life Forest
Suduaya - Matrimandir
Love Story (Reverse Remix)
Invisible Reality - Love Story (Reverse Remix)
Breakless - Coexist
This Is Dub
Aviation - This Is Dub
Believe Is A State Of Mind
Hutten - Believe Is A State Of Mind
Liquid Space - Freakin
Ear Candy (Original Mix)
Ix Lam At - Ear Candy (Original Mix)
End Of Line (Loopstep Remix)
Reverse - End Of Line (Loopstep Remix)
El Vito Due
Solano - El Vito Due
October (Extended Edit)
Chanal & Villuis - October (Extended Edit)
Strange Dreams
Aerospace & Motion Drive - Strange Dreams
Artificial Language
Jakaan - Artificial Language
Industry Part 2 (Perfect Stranger Remix)
RPO - Industry Part 2 (Perfect Stranger Remix)
ZeoLogic - Intelligence
Interdimensional (Original Mix)
Animato & Coexist - Interdimensional (Original Mix)
Water (Album Mix)
Elegy - Water (Album Mix)
Vertex - Audioslave
Clean Mind
Liquid Soul - Clean Mind
Change Consicousness
Liftshift - Change Consicousness
12Volt dc
Kularis - 12Volt dc
Semptember (Zyce Remix)
Vibrasphere - Semptember (Zyce Remix)
E - Mov
Light Frequency
Vertex & Ioshua feat Visua - Light Frequency
Liquid Soul - Devotion
Solar Storm (Tacit Remix)
Tikal - Solar Storm (Tacit Remix)
Earsugar - Guardian
Metamorphose (2nd Edit)
Strange Doctors & Groove 2 Soul - Metamorphose (2nd Edit)
Without Night
Nerso & Flegma - Without Night
Pop Art - Progressive
Parallel Minds (Audiophonic Remix)
Sensogram - Parallel Minds (Audiophonic Remix)
Another Station - Pursuit
Cydonia (Original Mix)
Liquid Soul - Cydonia (Original Mix)
Audiomatrixx - Variations
Nana (Waio Remix)
Orkidea - Nana (Waio Remix)
My World
Xhano & Supergroover - My World
Flegma & Nerso - Discharge
The Silence
Ruback - The Silence
Alternate Dimension (Original Mix)
Insert Name - Alternate Dimension (Original Mix)
Party Trap
Flowjob - Party Trap
Streamers - Nova
My Angel
Liquid Sound - My Angel
Sexy Dance (Ritmo Remix)
Symphonix - Sexy Dance (Ritmo Remix)
Shyisma - Guru
Morten Granau & Phaxe - Lost
Moravia (Original Mix)
Michal Poliak - Moravia (Original Mix)
Deep Resonance
Progenitor - Deep Resonance
I'm Leaving
Jacob - I'm Leaving
Midimal - Precipitation
Closer To Closer (Zyce Remix)
Nerso - Closer To Closer (Zyce Remix)
Re Enrty (Etic Remix)
Aerospace - Re Enrty (Etic Remix)