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So you found it. The place that connects the many musical aspects of the scene to the rest of the world. This station consists of a handful of people with some sort of background in the scene, but you can read more about them on the (soon-to-be) staff page. Basically we have started this project because we love the demoscene and all that comes with it, and that of course includes the musical part of it. SceneSat Radio aims to play the best music from every corner of the scene and related stuff. That would be game remixes, game soundtracks, demotracks, netlabels, tracks from music compos at demoparties, different platforms, etc. The music played here will be quality and not quantity. That means we will not have a rotation list containing 50.000 SIDs, 30.000 MODs, etc.

Now playing
Pachi Pachi & Rose
Erik McClure - Pachi Pachi & Rose
3D Demo 2013
Esau - 3D Demo 2013
Tales of the Future
Traymuss - Tales of the Future
A New Era
Aural Sense - A New Era
Break Up
4mat - Break Up