Playlist Real Punk Radio

I Won't See The Sunrise Anymore
Fireball XL5 - I Won't See The Sunrise Anymore
Heaven's Gate
Blue Cats - Heaven's Gate
Drugs Or Roulette
Stringbeans - Drugs Or Roulette
The Swampys - Cinderella
I Love My Car
Way Out West - I Love My Car
16 - Ricochets
Big Green Car
Polecats - Big Green Car
Hell's Race
Swindlers (Russia) - Hell's Race
Restless For The Road
Razorbacks - Restless For The Road
Bean Bag
Stringbeans - Bean Bag
You Must Die
Os Catalepticos - You Must Die
The Stingrays - Nitro
Karlsson's Final Rumble
The Bananaquits - Karlsson's Final Rumble
The A - Phonics
Man or Astro - Man?
The Gorefather
Banane Metalik - The Gorefather
Dune Buggy
Lost Culture - Dune Buggy
Sonic Go Go Girl
Los Plantronics - Sonic Go Go Girl
East Coast Tremors - Crobar
The Vice Barons - Thunderpussy
Surf Aliens - SOS
The Cruel Sea
Los Derrumbes - The Cruel Sea
Killer Tone Jones - Psychonaut
The Spiratones - Bustin'
Death Drome
The Tremolo Beer Gut - Death Drome
Summer & Weed
Os Pampa Haoles - Summer & Weed
The Hellgamblers
28.Virus Psycho Compilado - The Hellgamblers
We Wanna Drink Some More
Sick Sick Sinners - We Wanna Drink Some More
Ghost Bastards
22.Virus Psycho Compilado - Ghost Bastards
Tres Muertos
21.Virus Psycho Compilado - Tres Muertos
White Sand Hills
Sick Sick Sinners - White Sand Hills
Rotten Maniacs
19.Virus Psycho Compilado - Rotten Maniacs
Os Catalepticos-Freaks!
Os Catalepticos - Os Catalepticos-Freaks!
Screamers & Sinners
16.Virus Psycho Compilado - Screamers & Sinners
Sick Sick Sinners-Hospital Hell
Sick Sick Sinners - Sick Sick Sinners-Hospital Hell
Intrepid Mutants
26.Virus Psycho Compilado - Intrepid Mutants
25.Virus Psycho Compilado - Sickscrew
Beer And Flesh Meat
Sick Sick Sinners - Beer And Flesh Meat
Fish´n Creepers
19.Virus Psycho Compilado - Fish´n Creepers
Hungry for Meat, Thirsty for Blood
Os Catalepticos - Hungry for Meat, Thirsty for Blood
Jinetes Fantasmas
14.Virus Psycho Compilado - Jinetes Fantasmas
Girls (Beastie Boys cover)
Sick Sick Sinners - Girls (Beastie Boys cover)
Going To Brazil
Motorhead - Going To Brazil
Just the Three of Us [#]
The Meteors - Just the Three of Us [#]
Scream you Fucker Scream
The Meteors - Scream you Fucker Scream
My Pride
Harbour 81 - My Pride
Keep on Rockin'
Off Track! - Keep on Rockin'
Thinking ´bout me!
Fuzzstainz - Thinking ´bout me!
For sent
Dalaplan - For sent
Establishment Bash
Cadillac Kidz - Establishment Bash
...And Toxic Justice For All
In Defence - ...And Toxic Justice For All
Corporate Hell
This Is Brainwash - Corporate Hell
Fright Night
Griswalds - Fright Night
Dark Days And Dark Nights
Reach Around Rodeo Clowns - Dark Days And Dark Nights
1_Slay The Demons
Berlin Blackouts - 1_Slay The Demons
Bikini Girls With Machine Guns
The Cramps - Bikini Girls With Machine Guns
Lost in Tokyo
Riccobellis - Lost in Tokyo
Our Trap
The Grizzlies - Our Trap
Lagwagon - Violins
New York Dolls - Pills
Serpente Odioso
Sanguisuga - Serpente Odioso
A Pretty Mess - Despair
Needle Up My Cock
Incomprehensible Rubbish - Needle Up My Cock
Macacos Me Mordam - Rancor
the hellions - genocide
Compared to What
OFF! - Compared to What
Thanks For Nothing
Fret Rattles - Thanks For Nothing
Cruizin' For A Boozin
HammerCocks - Cruizin' For A Boozin
Found Dead In A Trunk - Gacey
aku yang malang
SUPERIOTS - aku yang malang
On the Moon
Duane Peters Gunfight - On the Moon
Fuck the Police
The Judas Bunch - Fuck the Police
Loose from the Noose
Biters - Loose from the Noose
NOi!SE - Lost
Sheriff Jodie Pickens
Deadbolt - Sheriff Jodie Pickens
Blow Yourself Up
GENERATORS - Blow Yourself Up
The Sport - O's
Got No Class
The Freakouts - Got No Class
Day at the Shrine
The Barbaras - Day at the Shrine
Some For Tomorrow (Some For Tonight)
Lovesores - Some For Tomorrow (Some For Tonight)
1 - 800
She Takes The Cake
Coastline Apparition - She Takes The Cake
I'm a Disappointment
The Putz - I'm a Disappointment
Tie My Pecker To My Leg
Mojo Nixon - Tie My Pecker To My Leg
Goodbye Julie
As Diabatz - Goodbye Julie
Generation X-Ready Steady Go
Generation X - Generation X-Ready Steady Go
Rock N Roll Manifesto Promo
Rock N Roll Manifesto - Rock N Roll Manifesto Promo
I Wanna Riot (Ska Version Feat. Stubborn All
Rancid - I Wanna Riot (Ska Version Feat. Stubborn All
Outta My Mind
The Gruesomes - Outta My Mind
Guilty of Nuthin
Randy Savages - Guilty of Nuthin
New Jack
Agnostic Front - New Jack
The Guzzler
The Moonshine Stalkers - The Guzzler
Los Pepes - Automatic
What'll I Do
Henry & The Bleeders - What'll I Do
Wrecking Dead - Achtung
Next Time Around
The Barracudas - Next Time Around
My Life, My Way
Last Target - My Life, My Way
The Monster Klub - Anymore
Aces High
Electric Frankenstein - Aces High
Force of Habit, Habit Of Force
Rising Strike - Force of Habit, Habit Of Force
Too Bad
The Trash Bags - Too Bad
Anti - Flag
Rise Of The Cybermen
Guitar Slingers - Rise Of The Cybermen
Youth On The Loose
The Hypnophonics - Youth On The Loose
Starlite Wranglers - Rumble
Lucky Boy
The Wages Of Sin - Lucky Boy
You're So Bad
Motherfuckin' Motherfuckers - You're So Bad
Friday's Best
CHEAP FUR - Friday's Best
Punx United
VICE SQUAD - Punx United
Mad Sin - Revenge
Rock N' Roll Satellite
Torpedohead - Rock N' Roll Satellite
Psychobilly Pop Star
The Caravans - Psychobilly Pop Star
Where Did It Go?
The Quakes - Where Did It Go?
Man In Black's Hand
The Hangmen - Man In Black's Hand
13 Vines
The Flaming Tsunamis - 13 Vines
Don t Send Me to Outer Space
The JASONS - Don t Send Me to Outer Space
Stuck On Blue
Baby Shakes - Stuck On Blue
Worm Hole Hooker
Cold Blue Rebels - Worm Hole Hooker
Leaving on a jetplane
Headwound - Leaving on a jetplane
She Says
The Glenn Robinsons - She Says
I Wanna Be With You
Eaten Back To Life - I Wanna Be With You
My Life
Bad Co. Project - My Life
Addiction To Money
The Sold Outs - Addiction To Money
Chelsea '77
Maniacs - Chelsea '77
Journey To The Center Of A Girl
The Cramps - Journey To The Center Of A Girl
Ride On
The Stripp - Ride On
Empty Place
The Monkeywrench - Empty Place
No Show Dole Cheque Blues
The Sure Shots - No Show Dole Cheque Blues
Death Mansions
The Great Dismal Swamis - Death Mansions
Henry & The Bleeders - Loser
Razor Burn
Lagwagon - Razor Burn
Media Junkie
63 Monroe - Media Junkie
Rebel Kicks
Faz Waltz - Rebel Kicks
Living Behind Bars
The Lookouts - Living Behind Bars
Möped Lads - Punkrocker
The Me - Thinks
American Gods
Los Gatos Locos - American Gods
Hot Blonde Cocktail
Chrome Cranks - Hot Blonde Cocktail
Guilty of Nuthin
Randy Savages - Guilty of Nuthin
Mean Queen
Poison Boys - Mean Queen
How To Make A Monster
The Charmin Bastards - How To Make A Monster
So Strange Limit
The Reverberations - So Strange Limit
Who Needs Society
Red Alert - Who Needs Society
Sex Bomb Babies
The Roxy Suicide - Sex Bomb Babies
Learn to Love It
Cheater Pipes - Learn to Love It
The Forgotten
React - The Forgotten
Best Oi! Times
The Droogettes (USA) - Best Oi! Times
Vesna (Flash in the Night)
Van Dammes - Vesna (Flash in the Night)
I Am a Girlfriend
Nobunny - I Am a Girlfriend
Spree Killers - Gary
WYLDLIFE - Deathbed
She's Got The Power
The Arkhams - She's Got The Power
Face The Day
The Goddamn Gallows - Face The Day
Rock N Roll Enema
The Meatmen - Rock N Roll Enema
Stop and Look
Static Fiction - Stop and Look
Hoddle Street Disaster
The Stripp - Hoddle Street Disaster
Trailer Park Romeo
Rustbelt Homewreckers - Trailer Park Romeo
Complete Control
The Clash - Complete Control
Interstate 40 Love Song
Fire to Reason - Interstate 40 Love Song
Dropkick Murphys-Gonna Be a Blackout Tonight
Dropkick Murphys - Dropkick Murphys-Gonna Be a Blackout Tonight
When I Am Drunk
Dillberriezz - When I Am Drunk
Danger Danger!
Hank Von Hell - Danger Danger!
Born Of The Motor
Koffin Kats - Born Of The Motor
Dames, Booze, Chains And Boots
The Cramps - Dames, Booze, Chains And Boots
Dragstrip Riot
New Bomb Turks - Dragstrip Riot
Dillinger Four - Doublewhiskeycokenoice
If It Ain't Got Rhythm
Reverend Horton Heat - If It Ain't Got Rhythm
Gimme Love
Funhouse Strippers - Gimme Love
All Along the Uxbridge Road
Chubby and the Gang - All Along the Uxbridge Road
Burning Flags
Small Town Riot - Burning Flags
The Bronx - Torches
Up All Night
ANTISEEN - Up All Night
Not OK
Teenage Bottlerocket - Not OK
Dead Lover
The Violent Shifters - Dead Lover
Knee Jerk
Pussycat and The Dirty Johnsons - Knee Jerk
Give Violence A Chance
G.L.O.S.S. - Give Violence A Chance
I Turned into a Martian
The Misfits - I Turned into a Martian
Time Control
Hershguy - Time Control
Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Hyde
Green Monster - Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Hyde
Pin Up Girl
Luck Of The Draw - Pin Up Girl
I Wanna Kill
Out Of Luck - I Wanna Kill
Bloody Friends
No Anger Control - Bloody Friends
Brand New Way
Hickoids - Brand New Way
Lucky Guy
The Muffs - Lucky Guy
Split Decision
JJ & the Real Jerks - Split Decision
Under The Big Black Sun
X - Under The Big Black Sun
Anger And Fear (You're All Alone)
The Partisans - Anger And Fear (You're All Alone)
I'm Being Watched
The Briefs - I'm Being Watched
I Don't Care
Against The Grain - I Don't Care
Restless Hearts
Biters - Restless Hearts
Fire it Up
Bastard Nörth - Fire it Up
I Don't Know
She's A Guy - I Don't Know
Gang Green - Alcohol
Rock And Roll Animal
Lovesores - Rock And Roll Animal
Sick & Tired
Kings Of Nuthin' - Sick & Tired
eint got no
BriJit Blair - eint got no
Out In The Cold
The Business - Out In The Cold
Crimpshrine - Summertime
Tight Black Denim
Governess - Tight Black Denim
Tangled Up
Necros - Tangled Up
Kill White Lights
The Judex - Kill White Lights
Thirty Foot Fall - Grasp
Cabin Fever
Joey Ramone - Cabin Fever
Down The Road
The Monsters - Down The Road
Hurtin' 4 Certain
Tommy & the Commies - Hurtin' 4 Certain
Watch Ya Back
Scarboro - Watch Ya Back
The Bloodclots - Reveille
Don't Crowd Me
Keith Kessler - Don't Crowd Me
Roll The Dice
Al & The Black Cats - Roll The Dice
Where Did I Go Wrong
The Muffs - Where Did I Go Wrong
Nobody's Girl
The Hangmen - Nobody's Girl
Jessica Is Getting Married
J Prozac - Jessica Is Getting Married
White Flag
Oppressed - White Flag
The Invasion From Within
Tsunami Bomb - The Invasion From Within
Addiction To Money
The Sold Outs - Addiction To Money
What's Yer Name
The Von Traps - What's Yer Name
Amyl and The Sniffers - Control
Naked Man
The Tracys - Naked Man
Drone Strike Love
Governess - Drone Strike Love
Blank Generation
Richard Hell And The Voidoids - Blank Generation
Lookin For A Kick
Blue Ribbon Boys - Lookin For A Kick
Candy Store
Gods Of Macho - Candy Store
Bring It Down
Mud City Manglers - Bring It Down
Straight To Hell
Mad Sin - Straight To Hell
ShockTroopers - Blue
Kids Wanna Slam
The DeRellas - Kids Wanna Slam
Radio Birdman - Non
Turn Off the Radio
The Dirty Denims - Turn Off the Radio
06 True North
True North - 06 True North
Mommy's Little Monster
Social Distortion - Mommy's Little Monster
Don't Go Falling In Love
Kurt Baker - Don't Go Falling In Love
Doin' Me In
Demented Are Go - Doin' Me In
Social Hand Grenade
The Hip Priests - Social Hand Grenade
Shez Got Tattz
The DeRellas - Shez Got Tattz
Spazz Out
Missile Studs - Spazz Out
Bully Boys
Poison Girls - Bully Boys
The Misfits - Braineaters
Shoot the Shit
Beltones - Shoot the Shit
Buried In Blood
Robin - Buried In Blood
No Direction
Right of Rebellion - No Direction
Give Me the Hammer
Mud City Manglers - Give Me the Hammer
Make My Way
The Mooney Suzuki - Make My Way
Halfway To Hell
Sick Bags - Halfway To Hell
My Boyfriend's Back
Spazzys - My Boyfriend's Back
Get Dead
Backyard Babies - Get Dead
Follow The Leader
Jackshit - Follow The Leader
Cut the Shit
The Putz - Cut the Shit
For You
The Peacocks - For You