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Tune in live to Feel Jah FM. We play the greatest variety of old and new reggae and dub 24 hours a day. We also air many tracks sent in by emerging artists from across the Caribbean, some of which were aired for their radio debuts. Other tracks, still played to this day, are also unavailable to hear anywhere else owing to having been ripped from old vinyls collected through the 60's, 70's and 80's (and kindly donated to the station). Many of these artists never made it beyond Jamaica, with no records of them existing online; their songs are true gems.

  • Slogan: Rastafari is in the airwaves
Now playing
I'll Close My Eyes
Ska Flames - I'll Close My Eyes
Full Up
Sound Dimension - Full Up
John Tom
Sugar Belly Combo - John Tom
Get Up Stand Up
Slickers - Get Up Stand Up
I Am Still Waiting
Tamlins - I Am Still Waiting