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Some say that the old tower still sends out a signal, that the old station keeper could just never quit. His ghost sits up there, telling stories, strange and weird. Stories of those long gone, to all that will listen. His tales from long ago must not be forgotten - He sits, night after night, broadcasting the voices of the lost. His spectral arms working the soundboard as he readies his next tale Some say that wherever you go, he is around you. In every howling dog or coyote - every screech and mournful night owl's call, his tales are whispered on the cold night wind. He has many names: Crypt Keeper, Strange Dr. Weird, Keeper of the Book, Caster of Runes and Guardian of the Bones, Old Hermit and Old Witch Nancy. There are many more...Who Knows... the Tower's next tale may be about you...

  • Slogan: Internet Radio Featuring: Ghost Stories, Weird Stories, and Murd
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Shadow over Innsmouth
H P Lovecraft - Shadow over Innsmouth
Murder by Prophecy
Inner Sanctum Mysteries - Murder by Prophecy
Between Two Worlds
Inner Sanctum Mysteries - Between Two Worlds
The Dentist
nightfall - The Dentist
Sanctuary (bk)
Peril - Sanctuary (bk)
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horror theatre
19 nocturne - horror theatre
Unhinged Worlds Promo
Horror Theatre - Unhinged Worlds Promo
Beyond Midnight
Beyond Midnight - Beyond Midnight
picture of a killer
strange dr. weird - picture of a killer
#8 The Masks of Ashor
The Hall of Fantasy - #8 The Masks of Ashor
nfal - 1980
#5 The Temple of Huitzilipochle
The Hall of Fantasy - #5 The Temple of Huitzilipochle
The Dark Wings of Death
strange dr. weird - The Dark Wings of Death