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Broadcasting from the Birkenhead YMCA on the Wirral. Listen to Vintage Radio and make the Grown Up choice. We are on the internet from breakfast time each and every day.Our target audience is the mature listener and our content features specialist music programmes and locally produced content and interviews. We are a non-profit, non-commercial station and our programmes are not interrupted by adverts. All our staff (presenters and engineering team alike) are volunteers and completely unpaid but we love what we do.

  • Slogan: The Grown Up Choice
Now playing
Blondie - Atomic
Gone, gone, gone
Mark Owen - Gone, gone, gone
Don't Lose My Number
Phil Collins - Don't Lose My Number
Brian Hyland - Warmed
The Weaver's Answer
Family - The Weaver's Answer
Address : Vintage Radio c/o YMCA Hope Prospect 56 Whetstone Lane Birkenhead Wirral CH41 2TJ 0151 601 7636