Playlist Beatles-A-Rama

Runaway Child, Running Wild
The Temptations - Runaway Child, Running Wild
Loving You
Badfinger - Loving You
Get Back(R)
The Beatles - Get Back(R)
In A Perfect World
Bill Lloyd - In A Perfect World
Well Well Well
Plastic Ono Band - Well Well Well
Can You Dig It
The Beatles - Can You Dig It
Lovely Rita
Fats Domino - Lovely Rita
Please Please Me
David Cassidy - Please Please Me
I Will And I Wont
The Beatles - I Will And I Wont
Sunshine Sunshine
James Taylor - Sunshine Sunshine
It's Only Love(R)
The Beatles - It's Only Love(R)
Savoy Truffle(R)
The Beatles - Savoy Truffle(R)
Bangla Desh
George Harrison - Bangla Desh
The Red Telephone
Love - The Red Telephone
Well Well Well
John Lennon And Pob - Well Well Well
The Beatles - Julia(R)
Don't Ever Leave Me
Connie Francis - Don't Ever Leave Me
I'm Down(R
The Beatles - I'm Down(R
The Long And Winding Road(R)
The Beatles - The Long And Winding Road(R)
Love In Song
Wings - Love In Song
I'm A Loser(R
The Beatles - I'm A Loser(R
Things I'd Like To Say
New Colony Six - Things I'd Like To Say
Shes About A Mover
Ringo Starr - Shes About A Mover
When I Get Home(R)
The Beatles - When I Get Home(R)
Gimme Some Truth
Pearl Jam - Gimme Some Truth
Rock And Roll Music(R)
The Beatles - Rock And Roll Music(R)
Kiss Me Sailor
Diane Renay - Kiss Me Sailor
Hey Jude(R)
The Beatles - Hey Jude(R)
Step Lightly
Ringo Starr - Step Lightly
Hello Goodbye(R)
The Beatles - Hello Goodbye(R)
What You Got
John Lennon - What You Got
The Beatles - Rain(R)
Bridge On The River Suite
Wings - Bridge On The River Suite
Three Cool Cats (Decca Audition)
The Beatles - Three Cool Cats (Decca Audition)
Birthday (2018 Remix)
The Beatles - Birthday (2018 Remix)
Happenings Ten Years Time Ago
The Yardbirds - Happenings Ten Years Time Ago
Paperback Writer(R
The Beatles - Paperback Writer(R
Slow Down
Ringo Starr - Slow Down
Act Naturally(R
The Beatles - Act Naturally(R
Honey Pie(R
The Beatles - Honey Pie(R
The Beatles Show Seg 1
Casey Piotrowski - The Beatles Show Seg 1
Stand By Me
John Lennon - Stand By Me
Jack The Ripper
Screaming Lord Sutch - Jack The Ripper
Beatles Live 8 [Stockholm 1963]
The Beatles - Beatles Live 8 [Stockholm 1963]
Paper Sun
Traffic - Paper Sun
Art Of Dying
George Harrison - Art Of Dying