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Best Pro Radio Albania, Tirana
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Best Pro Radio aims to transform itself in a place sought for its love for music nonetheless the infancy of the radio. The relation with the ‘crowd’ is based on passion, to offer listeners the best music and in the future an entertaining program. Best Pro Radio is in a process of growth and change, aiming to provide many digital music channels, podcasts, blogs or even news that can be found not only on the site but also on its Facebook page or Instagram. We aim support up and coming artist in the electronic music genre by providing a platform for their music to be heard. Our platforms include our online radio, live events and live-stream on social media.

  • Slogan: The Best Radio You Need!
  • First Air Date: August 2016
Now playing
Akon - Mr.Lonely
Don't speak
No Doubt - Don't speak
I Will
Music Travel Love - I Will
Marie & Tion Wayne
Rudimental Ft. Anne - Marie & Tion Wayne
If I Can't Have You
Shawn Mendes - If I Can't Have You
Address : Rruga e Barrikadave, Galeria 1057 Tirana Albania
Phone: 693737757
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